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Psychotic Counselor Ass Crush

Katelyn welcomes you to your sexual counseling session and to her house where she holds her sessions. Before you arrived she looked into you fetish, macrophilia, so she'd know how to appropriately handle your session. She tells you she'll be able to help and then she pulls out a strange device that she was sitting on and shrinks you!

She stands up high above you and smiles. She tells you what's perfect about her job is- since she went to school and got her masters degree in psychology and counseling no one would ever suspect her true intentions. The reason she wanted to become a sexual therapist is because with her views she believes that there should be no masturbation and no sex unless you're planning to have kids.

So, Katelyn welcomes interested patients over to her house who think they're going to get sexual therapy for their bizarre fetish. But what really happens is she lures them over to her house, shrinks them, and gets rid of them for good just as she'd get rid of a bug! She loves how society looks down on sexuality- her only goal of getting her masters degree was to have the power to secretly cleanse the planet of perverts in her own sick and twisted way.

She even goes on about how she likes to shrink and crush her patients like the hundreds of bugs she crushes in her kitchen in spring and summer. She thinks it's funny how you have macrophilia so she plays around with you a bit, as she loves to play around with bugs. She could talk your head off about her views until it explodes but what she'd rather do is make your head explode underneath her sexy ass.

(Starting at 4 minutes) Katelyn bends down with her huge ass dangerously close to your tiny little body and she asks how you'd feel if your tiny life ended beneath her toosh. She brings her ass even closer and closer. She could just sit down and that would be the end of your little tiny perverted life!

Time to get rid of one more fucking pervert on this planet for good! Katelyn stands up and rambles on some more. Before she started her job she didn't swear and she was a goody tooshu. But after so many months of shrinking and crushing tiny pervs like you, and reading their awkward emails, she's literally gone insane to get rid of more and more. She now curses, dresses more inappropriately for the job (she just doesn't care any more), and she's pretty much mentally insane. She jokes it's so bad that there could even be a fetish for zit popping or picking your nose!

Looks like her next session will be arriving soon so it's time for you to get crushed underneath her ass. She tells you to say goodbye to your life, now you're not even going to have to worry about your fetish because you're not even going to be alive!

You then get the hottest business lady ass crush show of your life! Little does she know how much the show turned you on, and regardless of the fact she's a psychotic counselor, she made your deepest desire come true.

Please note: Herp derp the cam was in manual focus so this video turned out blurry for the full body and half body shots. Therefore, it's being priced at a discount! (The ass shots are in focus!)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:10 minutes
1280x720 WMV
ass crush, shoe crush, shrunken man, panties, giantess business lady, giantess boss, butt crush, Katelyn Brooks

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