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A Naughty Valentine Barefoot Crush

In celebration of Valentine's Day 2008, I conjured up eight short new special effects movies each themed to a different sexy sub-fetish. That way no matter what your interests you could get a little more enjoyment out of Valentine's Day!

In each movie I'm either naughty or nice, wanting to fulfill my own deep desires or your personal fantasies with a magical costume that has the power to grant wishes on Valentine's Day. The first minute and a half of each video is the same each time, shrinking you down and introducing you to the sexy theme of the video. The rest of the video is then a unique, beautiful mix of realistic effects and sexy POVs.

In this particular video I'm your naughty, selfish girlfriend who decides for Valentine's Day to do away with you by crushing your pathetic body under my powerfully sexy feet. Deep down this has always been a personal fantasy of mine; to feel you crush and ooze under my bare sole and now finally - I get the chance! Using my magical wish-granting costume I shrink you down to less than an inch and tease you with my massive red high heels. Before long I'm completely barefoot towering over your tiny body. I continue to tease you with my massive bare feet before finally ending your life in a most satisfying squish!

Video/Script by Tristan and Katelyn
FX by Tristan
Price just reduced, since this is an older product!


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Product Details:
Producer: Mile High Films
6:27 minutes
720x480 WMV
giantess special effects, shrinking, shrunken man

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