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Jade's Bathroom Perv

Giantess Jade finds you perving out on her as she's in the bathroom. That's just awful! You then come closer to her and follow her to the toilet. She knows you really want to see what goes on in the toilet so she picks you up and shows you what's inside. (The toilet is empty)

She asks if the toilet looks appetizing to you. You really are just a toilet perv aren't you? She knows how bad you want to look up her skirt. She then pulls you down to her panties and asks if that's what you were hoping to see.

Jade then sits down on the toilet with you in her hand. Do you like being that close to her while she's on the toilet? Yes, she knows you do! Jade then laughs and shows you an up skirt view of her panties as she sits on the toilet. She then brings you around her back and gives you a close up view of her perky panties and ass.

But she's not done with you yet. Oh no. She starts thinking about eating you alive! Bringing you up to her mouth, she gives you a sexy detailed view of her mouth, throat, and stomach as she describes the titillating pleasure she'd get from digesting you alive deep inside her belly! And after she knows exactly where you'd end up... in the toilet!

Not quite satisfied with your reaction, she decides to give you a step by step view and walk through of her personal bodily digestive track, all the way down into the toilet.

Jade might have spared your life if you were a good little bug-boy, but Jade doesn't want a Perv like you spying on her. She decides to just swallow you and give her belly what she desires - you!

With a detailed view of her open mouth, Jade brings you inside of her. She rubs her belly, satisfied and the digestion begins.

Next we see Jade stand up (Ass POV) and flush you down the toilet. You're one less perv Jade has to worry about!

Please note: This video is priced at a discount because it has low quality audio. FYI there's no nudity or actual peeing/pooing.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
5:28 minutes
1280x720 WMV
toilet fetish, ass, vore, vorarephilia, swallowed alive, mouth, tongue, mouthcam


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