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New Job Celebration

You just arrived home and your girlfriend, Katelyn, congratulates you on your new job. She's very impressed! And guess what? In celebration of your new job she got a new toy for the both of you- a shrinking device!

She shrinks you down really tiny, gives you a belly dance, places you in her mouth, squishes you between her boobs, and then eats you. The best thing about it is when you come out you're still going to be alive! After she eats you she does another belly dance in celebration of your new job. You can feel the movements even though you're inside of her!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:35 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shrinking, handheld, licking, panty pov, shrunken man, vore, bra, panties, boob crush, nipples, Katelyn Brooks

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