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Jade Squashes her Rebellious Slaves

Jade can't even finish getting ready for school without one of her slaves sneaking out of their cages. Jade told her slaves to be quiet and stay in their cage so she could get ready to go for school. This infuriates her. She throws the slave down at the floor and looks under the bed. All of her slaves got out of the cage!

She's nice enough to feed them and keep them nice and safe and this is how they repay her- by running away and sneaking out of their cages. She's had enough of their rebellion so she takes care of them for good.

The ring leader gets crushed first. She crushes him under her shoe. She asks the rest if they can hear all of his teeny tiny bones breaking. She then slips out of her shoes and crushes two under her socks. One gets the heel and the other gets crushed under the ball of her foot.

Only five slaves are left and she wants to feel them under her bare foot. She peels her socks off and teases the next slave under her sole for a while. She gently crushes him, rolls him under her foot, and then takes him out for good under the ball of her bare foot by gently stepping on hem and then twisting him into the carpet.

Two more gets crushed under the toes of her opposite foot. She twists, turns, squishes, and steps on them. To crush the last two she jumps up and down on them! She then finds one more! She has something special in mind for him. She slips her socks back on and then places him in the top of her sock. slowly throughout the course of the day, all the motion is going to work him down her sock until he hits the bottom of her heel and the bottom of her foot. And then he'll just squash. It'll be a slow and torturous death, just as he deserves.

Jade then puts her shoes back on and heads out for school.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
6:29 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shoe crush, sock crush, bare feet, giantess school girl, bare feet, foot fetish, foot slave, crush, shrunken men, shrunken women, giantess Jade

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