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Taking Advantage of the Shy Guy

You were the shy guy in the corner at the bar drinking all alone. Katelyn approached you and you couldn't believe that she was trying to pick you up. YOU! Out of all other guys! It was almost too good to be true...

She got you to her house. Gave you a drink, you finished it, before you know what even happened you were tied up in her bed. Katelyn on top. You cock hard and inside her.

(The video now starts) Now that you're all tied up, Katelyn tells you her secret. You know that drink she gave you? She slipped her magic slipping potion in it before she gave it to you. She's so glad you drank the whole thing! Now, as soon as you cum you're going to shrink down to a 6 inch man.

Then, she's going to eat you in a sandwich. She starts riding you. Her hands glide up and down as her boobs bounce high above you. She brings up how easy she took advantage of you at the bar. She starts riding you faster, her boobs in you face. Your cock feels so fucking good. The bed frame is rocking. She nearly cums. Then you both cum in harmony.

You start loosing consciousness. It's a part of the shrinking process. She tells you the whole world is about to look a whole lot larger. When you wake up, you'll be on your way into her tasty sandwich. She leans in to wish you sweet dreams and gives you a kiss.

You next find yourself fading back into consciousness. Katelyn's holding you in her hand, glad to see you're awake as she was just about to start your second round of fun. She's going to eat you in a cheese and vegetable sandwich. She likes eating shrunken men like you.

She uses her other hand to get out all the supplies to make herself a delicious sandwich. Havarti cheese, lettuce, tomato, ancient grains bread, and mayo! She loves mayo! There's nothing better than a shrunken man on a delicious sandwich with lots of mayo! She knows you're going to taste SO good! Your cock felt so good inside her earlier so she has a really good feeling about eating you.

She then sits you on the edge of her plate so you can watch. She plops two fresh slices of bread down. Slathers a nice thick layer of mayo on them both. Next, she lets you smell her cheese. That's what you're going to be smelling as she eats you alive. After she puts her cheese on one slice of bread she places the tomato and lettuce on the other. Her sandwich is only missing one last thing... YOU! She grabs another slice of Havarti cheese and adds you between the cheese!

Now her sandwich is complete. She licks her fingers and asks if it's nice and cozy inside her sandwich. First, she's going to eat around your legs and feet. She takes a nice big bite out of her sandwich, moaning at how good it tastes. She takes another indulgent bite. She loves the taste of Havarti cheese so much! She can feel you squirming around in her sandwich but she tells you not to worry. She's not at your feet yet, but pretty soon she's going to take her first bite right into your legs.

She's going to eat you from toe to head. She tells you not to worry- the magic shrinking potion takes away some of the pain, numbs you just a little bit. However, it hasn't been perfected so much to take away all the pain. Plus she likes to feel her shrunken men squirm as she eats them alive in her sandwich. And if all the pain was taken away they'd probably just lay there... trapped and helpless (like you are) but without all the squirming and all the fun!

Another huge bite is taken, almost nipping your legs at this point. You better be as ready as you can be because here comes the first bite into your body. She then sinks her teeth deep within her sandwich, rips the bite out, and moans loudly at how amazing you taste. Yum! Here comes the next bite, right up into your thighs. She bites into the sandwich, rolling her head around in pleasure, she can still feel you squirming around and she can see how much pain you're in.

Don't worry, she tells you. The magic shrinking potion will keep you alive until she crushes your head between her powerful molars with the very last bite! She then eats the sandwich around you for a few bites, so enjoy it while it lasts!

After nibbling at the sandwich surrounding your body, her belly is starting to feel satisfied already! But she takes another big juicy bite out of you, right up to your belly button. She then starts licking the crust of the bread, very seductively. She asks if you can feel it because that's what's coming after you! She licks the bread again. More than half of your body is already inside of hers. That's really sexy in some kind of weird way, she says.

Moaning some more, she takes another indulgent bite. She accidentally ate your arm with that bite! She thought she was still chewing at the sandwich around you, but oh well. Your bones and muscles are so good! usually she doesn't go after the shy guys in bars because they aren't as fun. But you proved her theory wrong because not only do you taste amazing but you were so good in bed. She loved having you tied up in bed, helpless, fucking your cock to cum. It was so good that she was almost tempted to keep you around. But, she hasn't eaten a shrunken man in over a week so she couldn't help herself!

She then takes another bite. She's up to your neck now. After she finishes that bite she eats your arm next. And after finishing that delicious bite she finishes eating around your head... almost taking your ear off with one of the bites!

Pretty soon you'll be inside her body, going through her digestive system. Each and every part of you. She continues to finish the sandwich around your head. You can feel the warmth of every bite coming closer and closer.

She pinches your head to make sure she doesn't accidentally bite it because she wants you to be the very last delicious bite of her sandwich. She rubs her throat, dreaming of eating you with the last bite. She licks the remainder of the sandwich and takes the last big bite protecting your head. She holds your head, surrounded by sandwich, between her fingers as she gulps down what's in her mouth.

It's time for the last little bite. She opens her mouth very wide and uses her tongue to draw you and the remainder of the sandwich inside. She moans loudly. She bites hard two times. She gotcha! She looks at her two fingers... just a moment ago, you were alive in between them. Now, there's nothing left of you. She washes you down with a few sips of water and then almost crawls onto the island. You don't know how good this feels to her. She's in ecstasy. You'll be digesting for the next two days. She burps loudly and almost starts to clean, but she ends up laying down on top her kitchen island (using the bread as a pillow) to take a relaxing nap as her body digests all your parts.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
26:04 minutes
1280x720 WMV
sex pov, shrunken man, vore, vorarephilia, handheld, hands, nails, boobs, nipples

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