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Fap for Concentration

Katelyn tells you about how horny she is after filming a hot vore video. In order for her to concentrate on filming some more customs she needs some release. To do so she uses two of her favorite dildos- a very "loved" bullet vibrator and a pink wormie vibrator.

Katelyn's already really horny so it doesn't take long to warm herself up. She pleasures herself with her bullet vibe for a minute and then turns it off. She spreads her pussy around to show you how wet and swollen it is. She then starts up Mr. Wormie. She smacks his head on her clit and rubs him around. Then, she shoves Mr. Wormie deep up her cunt.

With Mr. Wormie deep up her cunt she swirls her bullet vibrator round and round her clit for many minutes on end, her moaning growing more and more intense, until her pussy spasms with release. Her beautiful pussy, very satisfied, throbs in creamy pleasure. She's so relaxed now. She'll finally be able to concentrate!

Now Katelyn does something she really enjoys. She reaches her fingers between her pussy lips and soaks them in a thick string of her cum. She then pushes her tongue between her fingers and licks and sucks the cum clean off her hand. She could eat all the cum from her pussy but since she needs to get back to her customs she decides she'll just clean the rest off.

Before going back to work she gives you one last juicy peek at her pussy. It's drenched in creamy cum. Oh, how you'd like to shove your big cock deep inside of her warmth. However, she'd love shrinking you down to cock sized and fucking your entire body! She'd love to feel you squirm around until you spasm in ecstasy deep inside her.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:42 minutes
1280x720 WMV
cum, pussy, black dress, dildo, insertion, licking fingers, Katelyn Brooks, solo masturbation, wormie vibrator, bullet vibe, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. DJ's Avatar
    I bow down to you and ur lovely pussy. i wish i could be with u as ur slave forever. Ur feet, ur boobs, ur pussy,....everything about u is lovely. i cant help but have fantasyies of u everyday. So lovely!!!

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