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Date with a Hungry Giantess

Giantess Katelyn and you are on your first date. She's the kind of Giantess that likes to get right to the action so she pulls her shrinking device out of her top and shrinks you down to one foot tall. She shows you her beautiful body, which you'll be coming a part of shortly.

After she has her fun showing you her various body parts she finishes shrinking you. She then picks you up and tells you how lucky you are to have seen her whole body on your first date! Usually first dates go kinda slow... but not with Giantess Katelyn!

She then talks about the sizes she likes to shrink her tasty victims. Sometimes she likes to leave them bigger and sometimes she shrinks them smaller. She then tells you a short story about how she shrank a whole room of people down to micro size just to lick them off her finger!

Giantess Katelyn asks how it feels to be shrunken and then tells you how it makes her feel to be holding your tiny little body. Her horniness grows with each word of describing your tiny size. Before she realizes it, she's humping the floor while holding you in between her fingers.... fantasizing about the moment you struggle down her throat.

Not being able to hold back from indulging her hunger and horny pussy any longer she tucks you into her top for safe keeping and brings you over to the chase. You then find yourself being fucked by her massive mouth. As you lie on a clear plate of some sort she soaks you in her sticky saliva, licks you back and forth, sticks you to her lip gloss, french kisses you, and tosses your size around with no care in the world but her own selfish hunger and pleasure.

The more she licks and enjoys your taste the hornier she gets. She pants and moans... she can't take it any more, she has to eat you- NOW! With one set of fingers pleasuring her pussy and the other pushing you into her mouth she climaxes and eats you whole. Katelyn loves how your date went. She'll have to have more like it!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:28 minutes
1280x720 WMV
up skirt, pussy, ass, shrunken pov, vore, licking, glass table, tongue, mouthcam, french kiss, vorarephilia, swallowed alive handheld, hands, nails, teeth fetish, black dress, Katelyn Brooks


2 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Joe's Avatar
    This is one ofyour Finest videos .
  2. JayToms's Avatar
    Katelyn at her finest!! Man....Just amazing! This is a good video if you like to see a cruel, lustful giantess. As of 2023, this is still one of my favorites.

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