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The Irresistible Katelyn

Giantess Katelyn knows how irresistible she is. You want to become a part of her beautiful body so badly. However, she doesn't know what she wants to do with your shrunken size. She could so easily end your life beneath her bare soles and lick your remains off her sexy fingers, you could die a fate of serving her deep wet horny cunt, she threatens she could always squish you between her big beautiful breasts. And then the Goddess places you inside her mouth and brings you out. She tells you most of all she thinks she'd really enjoy eating you alive. It's such a tease to have you inside her mouth! It makes her just want to swallow you right down. How long do you think you'd last inside of her before her stomach acids rip you apart?

Before she eats you she wants to have fun with you. She places you under her toe and takes off her panties. Lucky you... your going to serve her sexually for a bit before getting eaten! You look at her pussy, she spreads it, it's soaking wet! Her sex hole looks bigger than your entire shrunken size. She picks you up and tells you how good it'd feel to have you deep inside her squirming against her sex walls. You then find yourself on her aroused nipple. She has you lick it and then gets your tongue to work down below as she rubs her clit and moans.

You massage her pussy lips, kick, and lick to please her. You feel so good. She's moaning and telling you to go faster. She tells you to spit on her pussy and work it. She spreads her sex opening wider and you see her insides pulsating for you. She slaps her pussy and enjoys your size some more. Right before tipping over the edge she commands you to climb up to her!

You stop at her nipple to please it for a bit. She likes it a lot but tells you now it's time to get eaten.... to become a part of her body, give her nutrition, become a part of her DNA and proteins. She counts down from 3 and drops you in. You go falling down in to her wide open and wanting mouth. (This part starts at around 6 minutes)

You see her uvula, tonsils, and tongue bouncing in excitement for you. She brings you out of her mouth and licks your tiny shrunken body. It feels so good against the warmth of her tongue. She moans and keeps licking you. After seconds on end of being tasted by her beautiful big wet pink tongue she tells you you have permission to cum at any second you want. However, she'd prefer you safe it for the second you go slipping down her big wet throat. She wants to taste your cum trailing down her dark throat while she feels your body struggling on down.

She holds you above her mouth. Down you go! Seconds later, you find yourself slipping back her throat and into the darkness of no return.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:07 minutes
1280x720 WMV
soles, shrunken pov, pussy, nipples, mouth cam, teeth, throat, vore, tongue, licking, bedroom, Katelyn Brooks


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    plz swallow me alive

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