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Shrunken Sex Slave Quicky

Giantess Katelyn has a hot date tonight but she needs some release with one of her shrunken sex slaves before she gets ready and leaves. She gets right to the hot action by masturbating herself with her sex slaves shrunken size. She pushes him in and out of her swollen, dripping cunt while squeezing her massive boob, moaning, and enjoying his every squirm.

Next she tells her slave she wants him to squirm around for the life of him - kick, punch, and fight, inside of her deep warm and wet sex hole while she vibrates herself with her Hitachi Wand. She asks if he's ready to bring her over the edge and tells him to enjoy himself inside her!

Giantess Katelyn reaches her intense climax only minutes after vibrating herself and fucking her shrunken sex slave. Her pussy pulsates with pleasure and she spreads her pussy lips to see if her sex slave is still alive. He got her off with his legs inside her- luckily his head was out of her pussy so he was able to breath through being fucked at such a shrunken size! That's good news because Katelyn never likes loosing a sex slave.

She compliments his hard work and in thanks for giving her such a good quickie she tells him she'll get him out next time she needs a quick release and kisses him.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
5:34 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shrunken sex slave, cum, pussy, nipples, shrunken man, boobs, tits, horny girl, hitachi wand, insertion, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Jonathon's Avatar
    I've been waiting for an insertion video in which the guy got to live and I have to say this is a nice one. As mentioned before when it comes to these scenarios it's up to the giantess to really sell the illusion and Katelyn does a nice job of that. I actually felt a little irked when she mentioned a hot date and couldn't help but picture myself trying harder to please the lady in hopes of out performing the competition. After all even if she's the size of a mountain to me I don't want to share. I wonder what kind of performance would be needed to get to stay in her personal box instead of the sex slave one.

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