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Sadistic Assassin

You see Goddess Katelyn from a low angle, as you're tiny & on the floor. She is sitting down & seems relaxed, as she wears an enticingly shiny black bra & panties, & black heels. And you're probably asking yourself, "Who the fuck is this beautiful woman, & why do I feel so small? And what is she going to do with you?" She reveals that she's Katelyn Brooks & she's a private assassin! And for obvious reasons, she can't tell you who she works for! But she passed you on the street the other day, she shrank you down using heretofore unknown powers, & has kept you at this small size ever since. She then tells you that she's been so busy with work, but now she has a night to have fun with you!

It transpires that Katelyn's some type of witch, which is why she was hired as an assassin in the first place. And she can shrink people, she can grow herself, she can transform objects, make herself invisible, & do anything you could possibly imagine! So when she passed you on the street, she read your mind & discovered that you had a Giantess Fetish!

Katelyn then turned you into a rat, & then she turned you into a shrunken person, & placed you in her purse to take you home with her. She then gets on her hands & knees to tell you that she'll make your dreams come true.

Then we see a full body, low angle of Katelyn as she stands over you. It seems she enjoys having her victims look up at her, while she prepares to crush them beneath her heels, her bare feet, her ass, her pussy, etc., or eat them alive!

While you still look up at Katelyn in awe, you wonder how you became her victim. You see, she's extremely passionate about her witchcraft, & she couldn't help but shrink you down for her own sadistic pleasure.

Katelyn then stands more directly over you, so you get a more extreme low angle of this Goddess / Witch. She informs you that there's no chance she's turning you back to normal, so you might as well indulge in your deepest fantasies! She says that you & her can have lots of fun together, as she looms her luscious bottom over you. Besides, there are other people she wants to shrink down also, & have her way with. But she's going to play with you for awhile.

And then Katelyn squats down & looms her well-formed stomach over you from a low angle. She suggests that maybe she'll eat you & digest you. She gives you more details of how she'll devour you, as you gaze up at her in amazement.

This lovely witch then torments you by looming her huge high-heels over you. And she sees you wiggling around down there & calling up to her! She brings her butt down even closer to you, terrifying & enticing you at the same time! So she encourages you to indulge in all your fantasies while you can, as you view her glorious ass & legs close-up.

Katelyn then turns back around & looms her crotch down on you once again, but closer still. And you can't help but look up at this incredible beauty! She can't wait until you're inside her belly, digesting inside of her. She also moans with real pleasure as she describes your upcoming fate.

Now just look at the sexy body that you'll become a part of! And what part of her lovely body would you like to become? Would you want to become a part of her thigh? Her ass? Her boobs? Her belly? Or maybe her beautiful hands, as she brings her well-manicured hands down close to you. And we see several pretty rings on her nice fingers.

She then decides to sit on you, as she brings her butt very close-up to you. She moves back-&-forth a little, & moans somewhat from delight.

Katelyn picks you up in her hand & brings you close to her beautiful face. Since you're being naughty & rebelling against her, she's going to show you upfront what you're going to be swimming in. She opens her sweet moth wide & brings you closer to it. And her breath would smell so intense & warm from your tiny size! She asks if you can see inside her mouth, if you can see how warm & wet it is? She's so hungry for you! And how does her warm breath feel pushing against you?

But it's too bad for you, as Katelyn claims it's the end of the story for you. She's really hungry! So have fun swimming inside of her! She moans & sticks her wet tongue out at you, as she carries your little body closer to her mouth. And you see a low angle of her sexy face & mouth during this particular situation. She claims that she's had shrunken men last years inside of her, but this doesn't improve your predicament!

Next, we see Katelyn sitting on the floor again, as she's apparently already eaten you. And she begins to feel herself up & moan more with intense excitement. But it seems you're really putting up a struggle in her stomach! And she accuses you of acting like a little kid! So you'd better get over yourself & enjoy it! Besides, your screams for help are just so erotic to her.

While you're still stuck inside Katelyn's belly, you call out to her asking her to throw you up! Of course, she won't do such a crazy thing :-p So you're shit-out-of-luck! Katelyn the witch continues to relish having you inside her belly, as she rubs her stomach with joy. And she's amazed that you're still alive & strong inside of her! And oh yeah, she's getting quite worked up with such a tiny man trapped inside her body like that, as she squirms around on her floor!

Katelyn is glad that you've apparently given up & accepted your fate. And she'll enjoy always having you with her, as long as you last inside her belly. So now she's going to find those other people she wanted to have her way with tonight. Pretty soon, you might have company. But maybe she's going to let you digest inside of her for a little longer!

At last, we see Katelyn stand back up & leave the room to continue her manhunt.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:31 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shrunken man, shrunken pov, fetish heels, digestion, mouth fetish, ass pov, ass crush, upskirt, belly, high heels, sadistic, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. voretech's Avatar
    This video was awesome. Katelyn truly puts the ass in assassin.

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