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Jade's Appalling Trash Situation

Giantess Jade, dressed in a very sexy red cat suit and mega high heels, is completely appalled when she enters her kitchen to find that it has been coated in trash by a shrunken person infestation. They uprooted her entire trash can! Absolutely unacceptable!

She yells at the shrunken people some more, clearly showing her disappointment and disgust in their lack of respect for her house and hygiene. Giantess Jade then takes the lid off her trash can and swings herself and it over to the big trash pile on the floor. She chucks the trash pieces one by one into the trash can while completely appalled over the sheer idiocy of the shrunken people. A couple of the shrunken people end up thrown away too!

After she brims the trash can full of the trash she crushes it down with her sexy black high heels. She lifts the bag out of the trash can and ties it. She then shows the shrunken people how she deals with trash and slowly consumes the entire bag! She rubs her belly, gulps, moans, and eats it until it's completely gone!

One bag of trash wasn't enough to fill her belly up so she gets out another bag and fills it up with the rest of the trash. She chomps, chews, sucks, eats, and enjoys her second bag of trash until it is all gone. By the end of it she's so full she doesn't even have room to eat the shrunken people that destroyed her kitchen. She decides to save them for a midnight snack and walks off to go lay down on the couch to digest some of the trash, she feels really stuffed!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
9:34 minutes
1280x720 WMV
throw away fetish, trash fetish, hand fetish, transformation, shrunken people, trash can, devour fetish, trash bags, latex cat suit, Jade

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