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He was all that and More

Jade, Katelyn, and yourself just finished eating a nice meal together as good friends. When you inquire about desert Katelyn informs you that there is no desert. You try your best to hide your disappointment. You then begin to notice the girls smirking and giggling about something... Katelyn tells Jade they could always get some desert and then Jade insists that yes, there will indeed be desert!

Jade then pulls up a strange device from her lap and aims it at you. You see glowing colors of blue and green flashing from the device and the girls giggle as they watch you shrink before their eyes. You've been shrunk down to a very tiny size!

Jade and Katelyn then rise up from the table and approach you. They love your tiny little tidbit size and are pleased to see how perfectly their device worked for them once again! The girls then crouch down and Katelyn tells you to come crawl up onto her hand and not to be scared!

You're then held high up to the girls faces and Katelyn informs you you're going to get the privilege of becoming a part of one of their beautiful bodies. Since Katelyn got to eat the last one she nicely hands you off to Jade. Jade hopes you're ready for this and brings you down to your belly.

She holds you against her soft warm belly and tells you to enjoy it because what lies on the other side is a churning pit of acid that will digest you! And at your tiny tidbit size there's nothing you can do to change your fate which lies inside of Jade's belly.

You're then forced to kiss the bellies of the hungry Giantesses. Katelyn asks Jade if she can eat you but Jade reminds her that she got to eat the last one and it must be fair! However, Jade does agree to letting Katelyn give you a little taste!

Katelyn then licks you over and over again with growing excitement and Jade steals you back after a few seconds and tells her you're hers! But Katelyn wants to eat you so bad that becomes a little jealous when she sees what Jade does to you next. Jade tastes you and puts you deep in her mouth and brings you out again. Katelyn talks about how terrified you are to be so deep into Jades mouth and Jade moans in tasteful enjoyment. She then tells you it won't hurt much since Jade likes to swallow.

Right as Jade asks you if you have any last requests Katelyn quickly steals you from Jades! Jade yells "hey!!" and Katelyn then tells you what she's going to do with you. You're going to get licked against her sharp teeth and chopped up with her molars! She then shows you how sharp and dangerous her teeth are and tries to quickly eat you!

Jade then quickly steals you back just in time before Katelyn had the chance to get you in her mouth. Jade then tells you that was just for fun but you're really hers tonight. She holds you high above her mouth and lets you drop right in.

After you go in Jades mouth you never come out again. Jade savors your sweet delicious taste for quite a bit. Her mouth is huge, warm, wet, and pink. You survive the whole experience without drowning but then she gulps you down!

Katelyn then uses her sexy finger to trace your path down into Jades sexy body. You slid right down into Jades belly! Katelyn and Jade then seductively talk about going out to get Katelyn's desert and Katelyn asks if you were as good as you looked. Jade tells Katelyn in a very sexy and silky voice "he was all that, and more!" witch an extremely satisfied expression! Jade then softly tells Katelyn they'll go find her victim next!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
6:46 minutes
1280x720 WMV
vore, vorarephilia, swallowed alive, shrinking, shrunken man, mouth, tongue, mouthcam

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