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Katelyn's Car Crushing Business

We see Giantess Katelyn lying down on her bed in profile, while wearing a sexy pink bra & panties. And while she's resting, she casually looks down at the tiny objects next to her on the bed. These objects are very tiny cars, just small enough for a half inch man to drive!

Katelyn has a really sensuous expression as she picks up one of the cars with her fingertips, & remarks how much she loves her "car crushing business" so much. With this "small business" she has going on; she can lie around in bed, wear sexy lingerie, & do whatever she wants, including crushing little tiny cars into itty-bitty pieces!

However, it is not known exactly how these vehicles were miniaturized. But since she relishes smashing them with such glee, we can assume her intentions are quite baleful.

Katelyn then picks up all 5 cars & holds them in her soft palm, & surmises that they are 80's models. Then she brings her palm closer to the camera, so we get a better view of the situation. And we can just imagine what it'd be like to be half inch tall while sitting inside one of these miniature cars, & to look out of the window & see such a lovely Goddess as Katelyn holding you!

But then, she picks the red car up & puts the rest of the cars down on her belly. So she decides to crush this singled out car between her delectable breasts, as she pushes each handful together. And Katelyn moans with real pleasure while performing this task.

However, after she picks this car up from her chest, she notices that it hasn't been crushed at all. So much to our extreme delight, Katelyn then takes off her pink panties. Then she tucks the other cars in her bra, but leaves the red one out. And then she gets over on her stomach, & begins rubbing the red car against her nether regions.

The first thing she does is set the red car on top of her butt cheek. Katelyn even wonders what it'd be like to have a shrunken guy inside this car, & driving it around on her big sexy bottom!

Then we see a close-up shot of her bottom, as the camera is facing her gluteus maximus close-up! And Katelyn begins rubbing the little red car between her butt cheeks. She also begins to thrust up-&-down on the bed a little & moans with pleasure. At the same time, her feet with its nicely pedicured toes are very close-up to the camera. She then starts to feel the car compressing between her butt-cheeks.

We then see a more close-up view on her bottom & the tiny car stuck between her cheeks. With no further concern, she tosses the red car aside, & picks the white car hidden in her bra instead. She then rolls this car along the side of her body & places it between her rectum. And we see an even more close-up of her ass & vagina regions. Then she flexes her butt-cheeks & thrusts back-&-forth on the bed. Katelyn gets really into this uninhibited act!

She takes the car out between her fingertips & admires how the tiny vehicle was flattened. Next she takes out the blue car from her bra. She rolls this car along her sensuous pussy & into her butt-crack. Katelyn pushes her butt-checks together & rocks back-&-forth again with much enjoyment, moaning along the way. Then she places the blue car on her foot & brings it up-close to us.

And next is the yellow car, which she gladly slides down between her butt-cheeks. Katelyn relishes the performance again & lets us know about it! Then she places this car on her knee & slides it along her well-formed leg. She can't help but think about how fun it would be to shrink down her friends and assistants with the minimizer she uses for her car impacting business!

She then picks up the black car & places it on her knee, & along her shapely leg & foot. But this voyage doesn't last long, as Katelyn places this car between her butt-cheeks as well. And we get to enjoy even more of our Goddess's thrusting & moaning! She then finishes this car off by smashing it against her bed with her butt-cheeks. Good-bye little car! Katelyn then gets up to call her friends and assistants to ask if they'd be up for some shrunken play!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
17:57 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shrunken cars, ass crush, bare feet, anus, car crush, bedroom, soles, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Steve's Avatar
    Great feet and ass i loved it
  2. aofjaf's Avatar
  3. Fan request's Avatar
    Fan reques...
    Can you do a video with drowning little men with your pee please !!!!

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