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Katelyn's Loving Boot Slave

You're asleep on Giantess Katelyn's bedroom floor, until you hear that sexy voice of hers. So you rise-&-shine & view her huge & soft hand touching you, as she sweetly tells you to, "Wake up! Wake up, my little loving boot slave!" It's then that you realize that you've been shrunk down small somehow by beautiful Katelyn. You're not certain how small you've been miniaturized, maybe a few inches tall, but Katelyn looks huge towering over you. You look up to see her giant-looking legs & body looming over you, & you catch her beautiful face smiling down at you.

And to make the situation even more amazing, she's dressed in an amazingly sexy & revealing outfit! You gaze in amazement at this outfit, which is complete with - pink bra that shows off her amazing chest, pink panties with a pink-&-white checkered mini-skirt to boot, & a net-shirt that's over her chest & arms. But at the moment, she's barefoot as you try to get used to your tiny size.

She than tells you that your Goddess is going out to the club tonight, but then she mentions that she has a sexy, shiny new pair of boots to wear. It transpires that she wanted to wake you up so you can admire them, & cum all over your little self. Katelyn encourages you to not only watch her put these boots on, but to watch her walk around in them, & check them out in the mirror.

Katelyn then invites you to take your little cock out & start rubbing away, because here come the boots! And these boots are no ordinary boots. They're shiny, black fetish-style knee-high boots, complete with platform soles, high spiky heels & many belt straps with buckles.

Goddess Katelyn then hold the black boots up & sniffs them. They smell so good! She gets down on the floor with you, so she can put these awesome boots on while you watch! She then picks you up & places you back on the floor near her feet, so you can have the best view of all the hot action!

While Katelyn is getting ready as she sits on the floor near you, you get a very good look at her bare feet soles. The boots are so hot looking, & she can't wait to wrap them around her long & sexy legs! Since the boots are brand new, she takes out all the paper inside, & continues to prepare. Then the boots are ready for her feet to slide in. It takes a moment to get her feet inside these boots, as they're new & need some breaking-in. And then she proceeds to unstrap all of the boot belts.

Katelyn un-straps each buckle all the way up each boot. There are eight straps on each boot, so it does take some time to carefully unfasten them. While doing so, she feels the softness of the boots. Additionally, Katelyn looks so sexy as her legs look big from your shrunken p-o-v, while she's squatting down on the floor & getting the boots ready for the adventure!

She manages to get the boots on, but it does time some more effort, as the eight belt straps & buckles on each boot are rather intricate. Katelyn seems partly serious when asking you for help in getting these elaborate boots on her feet. And when she does get them on, they feel so nice around her feet & legs, as she can adjust each strap on the boots.

Katelyn then starts to buckle-up her boots. Again, this maneuver takes some trial-&-error to do, as she has to adjust each belt-strap & buckle them up. Also, there are zippers on these boots that must be zipped up first before she does the belts. Through this whole ordeal with these massive boots, which look at tall as some skyscrapers to your little eyes, Katelyn is gorgeous while working the midnight oil in these boots! She asks if you're going to last until she finishes putting these boots on, or are you going to cum before she finishes putting on the first one! She then moves her boot closer to you, so you can see all the sexy details. And she encourages you to cum for your Goddess, harder & harder! She finishes putting her left boot on & it feels so good & tight, perfectly sized for her sexy muscular leg.

She stands up & shows off her sexy boot for you. And her boot & legs look so huge to you at your size! She then squats back down on the floor & starts on her right boot.

Katelyn does the same big ordeal with her right boot, as she did with her left one. She un-straps each buckle all the way up each boot, as it takes some time to unfasten. And while she's on the floor, Katelyn still looks so hot & humongous from your tiny p-o-v! Once again, it takes real effort with all the belt straps & buckles. After all, these boots are quite complex! She gets the right boot on & prepares. Katelyn again zips her boot up, buckles it up her boot, & adjusts each belt-strap. It's a monumental task that must be done! She does mention that she already has a hot new date tonight that's picking her up in 30 minutes. Hmm, we hope the shrunken man isn't too jealous about that, as he's so tiny & helpless!

Also, while she's getting her boot ready, you get a pretty good view of her saucy panties as well! Katelyn even suggests that you role around in her dirty laundry, so you can hump it!

Now you can have a sexy show of Katelyn walking around in her sexy brand new, black spiky high-heeled boots! And she assures you that she'll be very careful when she stands up, she doesn't want to crush you, & she loves having you around. She then proceeds to show off both of her enormous boots as she sits on the floor. So these objects of fetish loom over you! She lies down on her stomach to show you her boots from a different angle, & her boots feel very nice on her legs, they're so smooth & soft, & Katelyn loves the extra height it gives her. It should be noted that up close, her spiky heels look like they're the size of Tyrannosaurus Rex!

While Katelyn is standing over you with her incredible boots, she looks incredibly huge, & she gives you full permission to cum all over yourself! So you get a great close-up view of her great boots from a very low angle. And she's pleased to show them off for you. And wouldn't you enjoy crawling up each of her many buckles, & then up her leg?!

Katelyn kneels down at you, & notices that you've came all over yourself! You're soaked! She then picks you up in her hand again, you get a very good waist-level / low angle view of her chest, & she places you on her bed to keep you safe. She gets on the bed with you, tells you that she'll see you later when she gets back, & blows you a nice kiss for her boot adventure!

Epilogue: So Katelyn left her shrunken friend alone on her bed all night, while she went out clubbing with her date. And I wonder how safe the little man will be, especially with her cute cats lurking around the house!!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:15 minutes
1280x720 WMV
fetish boots, shrunken man, boot pov, bare feet, upskirt, Katelyn Brooks

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