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Katelyn's Revenge

This movie has it all! I decide to take revenge on my lousy birthday date, bryan, by shrinking him down and torturing him in every way imaginable. At first I tease him, holding him up to a flame. When he asks me how he’s going to suffer, I show him by inserting him in my sexy mouth! I stick him in my straw and drink my refreshing long island ice tea. I burp in his face repeatedly, dunking him in my saliva. Deciding to have a little more fun, I place him inside of a balloon and blow it up. I shake and play with the balloon, tossing him all around. I even stand on the balloon threatening to pop the balloon and crush him under my sexy slippers. The balloon is pretty strong so I hop on and start bouncing on it with the balloon under my ass too. Wanting him to serve my beautiful feet, I pop the balloon and start mashing him into the floor with my bare feet. He grabs onto my toes which turns me on, so I decide to pleasure myself as he kisses and licks my toes. I stick him between my toes and force him to clean each of them with his tongue. After doing a lousy job, I mash him under my slippers threatening to suffocate him. He begs for his life so I give him a second chance to clean the soles of my feet. I step on him over and over, twisting his little body under my massive bare toes. Knowing how much he loved his car, I pull out his now shrunken car and play with it between my toes. I finish my drink and realize that I need to go to the bathroom- so I place my little date in my panties. I loose him while I’m in the bathroom only to find him trying to please me at his tiny size! I rub him into me forcing him serve his Goddess. I take him out and place him in my bra, forcing him to serve my breasts. Picking up his car again, I place it on my bar stool and play with it under my ass. Deciding it’s about time to take my final revenge on him, I break out the whip cream and start devouring it in front of him showing what’s about to him. For nearly 15 minutes I play with him and the whip cream, licking and sucking him over and over again, degrading him as I take him out of my mouth. Finally, I place him on top of some whip cream and swallow him alive- with my mouth open for all to see! But that’s not the end... I then describe all the details of how it felt to swallow him, showing off my mouth, throat and stomach. 

Please note: While all the visuals of this video are great, the music is loud- something I didn't realize as I was too busy playing with my shrunken man! I also admit that the long island ice tea made me quite tipsy O_O!!! Because of the loud music and tipsiness, this video is priced at a discount!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
73:34 minutes
720x480 WMV
pink manicure, pink pedicure, shrunken man, car crush, boob crush, bare feet, ass crush, balloon fetish, vore, drinking, straw, drunk, whipped cream, hand fetish, rings, toes, pink finger nails, pink bra, pink panties, saliva strings, saliva strands, tong

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