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Katelyn Takes Revenge on Santa

When Katelyn was a kid she told herself if she ever found a way to grow herself or shrink people then Santa would be the first person she hunts down. Santa never gave Katelyn what she wanted as a child for Christmas even though she was so good and deserved it. Santa always gave her clothes, crayons, coloring books, and candy. She really wanted video games, doll houses, fancy jewelry, and makeup. Santa always gave her what he thought every girl would want but Katelyn was different.

She then starts crushing all of his helpers and elves during her lecture and explains why she turned into a rebel after not getting what she wanted for so many years. She crushes the first helper with her sexy manicured finger. The next gets crushed beneath her bare foot. She keeps lecturing Santa and it's clear how pissed she is at him. She tells him it's time for his entire village to get crushed and tells him how good they feel crushing beneath her bare feet.

Santa and his helpers don't deserve to touch Katelyn so she puts her sandals on. She tells him none of her friends when she was a kid got what they wanted either. Kids take what you say seriously and if you can't stick to what you say then don't make any promises!

Katelyn then accidentally crushes another and then crushes an elf. Lots of his helpers are crushed in to a gooey mess on the bottom of her sandal. She left Santa, his wife, and his kid for last. His wife gets crushed by accident. The kid gets crushed next. Santa gets crushed right where his wife got crushed. She enjoys twisting and crushing them all into the floor and looks at their remains.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
5:42 minutes
1280x720 WMV
crush, clay men, shrunken town, pov, foot fetish, sandal fetish, bare feet, Katelyn Brooks


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    omg how do u get ur skin to be so silky smooth and sexy

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