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Katelyn's Date with Oli

Katelyn's date with Oli is going magnificent. She loves having a man down by her feet sniffing her sent, rubbing them, worshiping them. She'd like to have a second date with him if the date keeps up like this! She never knew how much German guys turn her on!

One thing Katelyn finds interesting about Oli is all of his experiences living in Germany. She never knew Germany had such care for the environment. She laughs and tells Oli here in America they don't give a shit about in the environment. At the grocery stores you don't have to bring your own environmentally friendly bags. You can choose paper or plastic and Katelyn always double bags. She doesn't give a shit if she's polluting the environment with her extra bags.

Katelyn also likes throwing her fast food trash right out her car window when she's on the road. She hates it when her car gets dirty so everything goes out the window and her girlfriends are just as bad! She also spits her gum out the window and her candy trash. And if there is ever trash in Katelyn's car then her girlfriend throws it out the window when they drive around. She then cruelly jokes about how all the prisoners and low life's have to pick up their trash on the sides of the roads all for her and her girlfriend's convenience.

Katelyn then answers Oli's question - what she would do if she was a giantess standing above the last city and the last forest. She tells him she'd raise her foot high above the forest and crush it. She's crush all of the trees, the nature, the branches, the animals, the struggling bugs... she hopes there's be some woodworkers in the forest so she could crush their trackers and them too! Answering Oli's question gets Katelyn hot and horny. She can't contain herself and starts rubbing her pussy and boobs to the fantasy of crushing everything beneath her sexy sneakers and feet.

After crushing the entire forest she'd go into the city and crush all of the people, businesses, buildings, cars, and nature into a big gooey mess beneath her sexy feet. She rubs herself harder and moans. She'd make the survivors lick her feet clean, it would feel so good. If Oli was there she'd make him lick and worship her feet too but he'd have to be careful not to get crushed because she loves feeling people pop beneath the ball of her foot!

She goes on a bit more about how the people would be terrified of her and masturbates some more. She forces her feet into Oli's face and forces him to lick it and suck it while she gets herself off. She moans and looses her breath, she's so worked up over this hot fantasy. She orgasms and then gives Oli a kiss and thanks him for getting the hot fantasy in her mind. She might have to keep him around since he's so good at worshiping her feet and getting her imagination worked up!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:52 minutes
1280x720 WMV
trash fetish, foot fetish, foot slave, sneaker fetish, throw away fetish, pussy, boobs, nipples, tits, masturbation, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Alman0001's Avatar
    A basic POV video, featuring Mistress Kat having a light conversation with you down at her feet while casualy rubbing herself off. Basicly a video about Katelyn talking some more about her giantess fantasy, the wording used is pretty sensual and even more so near the end. ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/happy.png The POV is excellent and flawless, you get a literal bug's-eye view of Kat from her feet as she brushes them over you. I enjoyed watching it, it was a good quick video for a good small price. 4/5 in my opinion (=
  2. Steve's Avatar
    Great feet id fuck em
  3. DJ's Avatar
    My goddess i know its wrong to ay this but i so want to fuck u. me being an insolent bug benath my goddess's feet. but id give anything just to be with you. i love you soo much. im srry. thtt was wrong of me please dont crush me. ill be a good bug for his goddess!!!!

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