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Sexy Solo Night Groove

Katelyn turns on some sexy groove music to get herself in the mood for some solo rubbing and walks over to the bed. She glides onto the bed, only lit by candlelight. She crawls across the bed and turns on the light but it's still very dark, you can only see a silhouette of her sexy body. She then slowly smooths her hands up and down her body to feel herself. She uses her hands to remove her heels and lingerie so she can get closer to bare body.

Katelyn really starts getting into it. She rubs faster and enjoys exploring her fully nude body with her eager hands. Scenes with more detail and color flash before your eyes before turning into a dark silhouette again. She starts masturbating faster- rubbing her pussy up and down as her boobs bounce with her every motion. She cums and falls back in relaxation. The music ends, she turns the lights back off, and blows out the candle.

Please note you can not hear Katelyn in this video. Music plays throughout.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
4:24 minutes
1280x720 WMV
pussy, boobs, nipples, tits, masturbation, night, dark, bedroom, silhouette, nude, naked, sensual, horny, legs, vanilla, Katelyn Brooks

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