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Seduction of the Tiny

By Tonto Blackadder

Cassandra and Evan are two lovers out on the town partaking in a romantic stroll when suddenly they find themselves held up at gun point! Backed against a wall, the couple pleads with the well dressed woman behind the gun. To the horror of the couple's surprise it's not money the woman wants... it's them!

In an instant the gun triggers and a vortex of blue light washes over the young couple. The world around them grows larger and larger until the gun toting woman towers over them. The young couple tries to run and hide, but their pathetic efforts are no match for the giantess-sized female who scoops them up and drugs them for the trip home.

When Cassandra and Evan finally come to their senses, they find themselves lying naked together in a strange bed inside of a strange house. Suddenly a giant eye appears at the bedroom window and the roof lifts completely off of the house!

Over the next several days the tiny couple is forced into sexual slavery, serving and pampering their Giantess mistress Rebecca as her shrunken pets. They rub her feet, are used as sex toys, and are left to make love alone in the doll house while Rebecca is at work. Evan, with his hard cock quickly becomes Rebecca's favorite!

Days pass and Cassandra starts to realize that Evan is perhaps enjoying Rebecca and his their captive situation a little too much... if only there was something she could do...

This 90 page comic was created via Poser by the talented Tonto Blackadder! If you are a fan of gentle giantess (With a little roughness thrown in!), sexual slavery, and like the idea of a romantic shrunken couple, you'll love this comic!

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Product Details:
Producer: Tonto Blackadder
90 HQ Photos
2000x2000 PDF
Tonto Blackadder Comic, Shrunken Couple, Nudity, Gentle, Sex, Slavery, Shrunken Woman


4 Reviews and Counting...

  1. Jonathon's Avatar
    Over all I would have to say I liked this comic especially how Cassandra turns the tables at the end. The couple was a little large for my preference as I prefer mega sized giantess so I was really happy that Cassandra seems to favor them at a smaller scale. I would have loved it if the insertion would have been better detailed perhaps with an image from the inserties perspective. The hand held scenes were nice though and all the ways the giantess worked on getting her little guy off was wonderful. Given the number of images and the quantity I would say it's well worth the price as well.
  2. Michael11's Avatar
    Beautiful Story and Renders. I really hope you continue this one and i also like them smaller so please keep those two as tiny as they are at the end! :] As Jonathon wrote before me... well worth the price (quantity and quality)!
  3. Greg Viera's Avatar
    Greg Viera
    this was deff worth it i wonder when the next part will come out ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/heart.png
  4. Nallus's Avatar
    I like 'em this size. To be useful as toys, and in my opinions if you want your vore gory, they gotta be something to take down in bites. My opinion. I like 'em as toys.

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