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The Naughty Police Officer

Katelyn's police department has been trying to catch Rich for months. Now that they have him it's time to figure out how long his sentence will be. But since Katelyn's in control of his case, she has something else in mind for him. She asks if he really wants to go to jail. His sentence is currently 30 years for theft, running away from cops, and worse. Even then, his sentence is questionable. And depending on how their meeting goes, it could get even worse. Katelyn suggests that he obliges to her wishes and commands.

Katelyn then tells him she's going to get him out of his jail time! Wouldn't that be so nice of her? She tells him she'd rather go through what's about to happen to him instead of go to jail for 30 or 50 years. To begin, she uses her "special" hand cuffs. Once he's all cuffed up she evilly laughs and tells him how he'll shrink at any second!

She evilly laughs again and tells him he'll no longer need his car so she's going to crush it. After crushing his car beneath her black boots she picks him up and tells him next she'll be taking advantage of his shrunken size to show him how bad it feels to get sexually used and abused.

Katelyn places him between the sexy soft folds of her labia and begins to rub herself slowly with him trapped inside of her. She tells him there's nothing he can do about it. He's completely helpless. She asks how it feels to be the victim and how it feels to be trapped between her pussy lips.

She then pushes him deeply inside her sex and starts fingering herself. You can hear the squishy sounds of her horniness as she moans in pleasure from feeling him deep inside of her. She asks him how it feels in there. He'll get lost if she's not careful! She pulls him out to inspect him. He's already coated in her cum! She then pushes him back deep inside of her with the intent to keep him there until she cums. She pushes him even deeper and tells him to have fun trying not to get crushed by her ever growing G-Spot!

Katelyn then starts to ferociously rub her clit and pound her pussy with her finger. She asks how it feels to be the victim. She slows down every now and then and tells him how fucking good it feels to have him inside of her struggling for his little pathetic life! She tells him to struggle more and more - she's going to cum!

After a few more minutes of rubbing herself, Katelyn's pussy becomes red, swollen, and soaked with pre-cum. She tells Rich how close she is to cumming and fingers her clit faster than ever. She then moans louder, breathes heavier, and an explosive orgasm fills her with pleasure.

Her pussy throbs in pleasure and glistens in wetness. Feeling Rich struggle between her labia folds pushed her over the edge. She was rubbing and bouncing so much in fact... he fell off and nearly got crushed under her ass when she came!

She then picks Rich back up and places him in her lake of cum. She slowly lowers him out of a big sticky strand of cum and tells him she's going to eat him. Her cum basically has him clued to her finger. She tells him if he was in jail for 30 or 50 years his life would basically be over by the time he got out anyway. Instead of making him suffer years on end of jail time she's going to make him suffer for just a few more minutes. After he's eaten by her, it'll all be over.

Rich tastes like her cum! She licks him and opens her mouth up very wide while moaning to show him where he's going to end up. She tells him about what happened to the last guy she shrank. He got crushed in her pussy when her G-Spot exploded all over that. She tells him what happened to a few guys before that too!

Katelyn tells him he did such a good job struggling and squirming around in her pussy lips and now it's time for him to do the same in her mouth. She moans at the taste of her cum on his little tiny body. She swirls him around in her mouth for a minute while asking him about how humiliated he feels. She laughs at how good she's humiliated him. She continues to tell him how helpless he is and then finally tells him it's time for him to slide down her throat.

After she swallows him whole she opens her mouth wide and moans. She knows he's still alive in there. She can still feel him sliding down her throat... he's actually stuck in her throat so she plans to go to the officers lounge and wash him down with coffee and a doughnut!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:19 minutes
1280x720 WMV
insertion, vore, cum strings, masturbation, throat fetish, wet pussy, tongue fetish, police officer, shrunken man, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Sixinchestall's Avatar
    I just don't know what to say. Ok, this is the best GTS video I have ever seen. You can really see Katelyn cum (contractions very strong). Her dialogue is amazing, she gets genuinely wet unlike any other woman I have ever seen on film, so you know it really gets her off which is very important to me. Katelyn is a very attractive woman and to know she has basically the same fantasies as me (in reverse) is very liberating as I felt very alone with my fetish until I found her site. There are not enough stars to give this a star rating, but if you are turned on by insertion then this is the video for you. Did I mention I really love this video. Keep up the amazing work Katelyn and thank you for the bend over backwards, go the extra mile customer support.
  2. weston's Avatar
    Katelyn wow I don't know what to say. Overall amazing video. Seeing u cum was quite amazing as well. It definitley turned me on. I liked as well in how close you got the camera to ur G spot. Overall great job Katelyn and hope to see more like this.

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