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The End to Phil's Financial Slavery

After 5 years of steady and loyal financial servitude, Katelyn gives Phil the privilege of meeting her in person. While standing very high above him, showing off her sexy ass and bare breasts, she lists through the impressive financial gain she's received from him over the previous years.

The fourth and fifth year of financial slavery impressed her so much she decided it was time to welcome him over and make Phil's little dream come true. Phil has always wanted to get eaten by Katelyn and used by her ever further. She tells him today is the day he gets used one last time, so used in fact there isn't going to be anything left of him afterward!

Phil has taken out loans for Katelyn, signed all of his belongings over to her, listed her as the receiver of all things in his will, his life insurance will be going to her... absolutely everything Phil owns and all money he has will be going to Katelyn. So, it's time to end it all. After Katelyn eats Phil she will gain everything left of his life.

Before eating Phil, Katelyn uses him for one last thing. When they met, Katelyn told him he would have to do a LOT of ass kissing to even get the slightest of her attention. And ass kissing he surely did! So, before she eats him she tells him he must serve her ass- for real. She bends over on her bed and shoves her ass into his face, forcing him to serve it. After a couple minutes she is satisfied and tells him how he's so good at serving her.

She picks Phil up and asks if he's ready to slide down her wet throat and become a part of her. It doesn't matter anyway because his life is in her hands and she'll do as she pleases. After a little bit of mouth play she places him inside her mouth while saying goodbye.

After placing him inside her mouth she licks her sexy manicured fingers and rolls her head back in pleasure. She rolls him around in her mouth and swallows him deeply. Just like that, he's gone- only to serve her further. She seductively licks her finger and moans to her audible thoughts of the rest of the financial gain she'll be receiving since he's gone.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:43 minutes
1280x720 WMV
financial domination, financial goddess, femdom, ass crush, butt crush, boobs, nipples, tits, mouth, tongue, mouthcam, handheld, hands, nails, vore, vorarephilia, swallowed alive, Katelyn Brooks

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