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The Convict Executioner

Jade introduces herself to her shrunken convicts. Her planet used to have jail time but ultimately did away with it since it was a huge waste. She explains it all to them. SO, now days when someone commits too many crimes they get shrunken and executed by the government's official convict executioner.

Before the government found Jade, Katelyn was the convict executioner. Initially she was really good at her job but then she started keeping them as pets- she had a whole colony of them. Jade then tells them how her boss watched her gobble down that entire colony and that's why she has this job now.

Jade really wishes people would behave more badly. She doesn't get enough convicts to eat or crush. Since she gets so few per day she's forced to entertain herself with them so she doesn't become bored. While picking them up and carelessly dropping them back into the glass dish, she tells them she's forced to amuse herself. All of the shrunken convicts are also very immobilized so there's not much they can do to save themselves. There's really no way they can escape from her.

To start the fun, Jade stands up and slowly sprinkles them on the floor. She laughs at them and to show them her power she crushes a few underneath her high heels. She loves the sound of bones crunching and finishes one off by skewering him with her pointy high heel!

They're all so helpless and pathetic and even better yet, Jade doesn't care what happens to them. She sits on her clear chair while slowly stripping her sexy space babe executioner outfit off, while crushing more in the process. Once it's off she lays down on top of all the shrunken convicts with her large sexy nude body. She's having so much fun, in expense of all of the little people!

She likes crushing them underneath her breasts and any erotic part so next she lowers her perky breasts down to the carpet and crushes some more. They survived her boobs, thanks to their soft suppleness, so she mounds them up and tries to finish them off beneath her ass. The carpet is so soft they're hardly crushing so she picks them up and tosses them onto her hard clear chair for some real ass crushing!!

Rocking back and forth on the chair, she finishes off the majority of them. She also crushes one lucky fellow between her thighs! What a satisfying crunch. "Squish Squish!" She stands up, shrunken people stuck to her butt, to see how many are still alive.

All of those who were stuck to her ass are still alive! They fall to the floor and then she finishes off all the rest of the shrunken convicts by twisting and grinding them all into the carpeted floor. They survived her butt but they wont survive her foot! She has so much fun hunting and crushing each and every last one.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
11:05 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shrunken people, space babe, long legs, black high heels, shrunken man, shrunken woman, ass crush, butt crush, bare feet, foot fetish, foot slave, crush, nude, nipples, tits, giantess Jade, Jade Vixen

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