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Jades Breeding Program

Shrunken people were once an exotic food on space babe Jade's planet. However, when the government discovered that shrunken people have the same complex emotions as full sized humans, they made the eating of shrunken people illegal.

Jade loved her shrunken people so much that she hid them from the government. As far as they know, she doesn't have any more. Shrunken people were very liked by females for their resemblance to chocolate. Since Jade only has so few left, she likes to keep them for special occasions.

So, in celebration of the success of her Halloween store she eats one! She then tells them initially she thought of selling her stash of shrunken people on the black market but they're too precious to give up. She also thought of being nice and returning all of the shrunken people to their home planet (where they are "normal sized") but instead she wants to be an evil bitch and keep them all and bread them!

Rather than run out of her favorite tasty treats she pairs them all up into male/female and places them in her pink carpet. After they're all laid out she starts stripping her sexy pvc space babe outfit off to serve as an aphrodisiac to encourage breeding.

Once she gets her sexy tight outfit off she bends down and closely observes how her breeding program is going. She warns that whoever doesn't obey will be crushed or eaten. Luckily, she gives the two disobedient couples one last chance. She helps them along by placing them right in her crotch and hopes that will turn them on enough to start breeding.

She then places them on top of her body as an additional threat to show them where they'll end up if they don't obey! She massages her beautiful bare breasts and nipples and tells them if they're not going to breed, she might as well indulge herself! She then indulges herself in one of the disobedient couples by dropping them into her wet wanting mouth.

She rubs her nipples while saying "no regrets what so ever" as she moans in enjoyment from their scrumptious taste. After swallowing she checks up on the rest of her shrunken people to make sure they're all obeying her and breeding. They all are, thankfully.

Everyone has gotten the point the only way to save their lives is to breed. Unluckily, the last little couple on her belly hasn't obliged. To scare them a bit, she squishes them between her boobs and rubs them all over her breasts. She tells them how the previous couple is digesting inside of her beneath the very spot they lay.

She guesses the two of them have grown accustom to the thought of being eaten since they obviously don't want to cooperate with her breeding program. So she decides to teach them a lesson - she's decided to crush them!

Her high heels come off and she places the shrunken girl under her bare foot, which is in front of her pussy, and tells her to scream! If she screams then maybe she'll take mercy on her. Is that an itsy bitsy scream? It turns Jade on to hear her scream so she yells at the shrunken woman to scream, scream, scream some more, and scream like she's never screamed before!! The shrunken woman then gets crushed into the carpet.

Since the male is no longer a part of a breeding pair, he's worthless to her. She tells him how it is and then crushes him beneath her sexy bare ass. Since the disobedient couples have been taken care of she tells the obedient couples how happy she is with their obedience. However, they have all witnessed what happened to the two disobedient couples and Jade instills fear into all of their hearts when she tells them how that type of cruelty really arouses her. She'll try not to have any... accidents!

Jade then places all of the remaining couples back into her secret hiding spot and hopes her breeding program is a success. She reminds them not to act up or be like the disobedient couples or she'll be forced to eat them.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
14:48 minutes
1280x720 WMV
nipples, pussy, shrunken people, vore, belly, hot asian giantess, soles, bare feet, big lips, giantess jade, french tips, space babe, Giantess Jade


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  1. bob only's Avatar
    bob only
    hi Katelyn. jades hands can do those things I like that your hands have done for me. maybe you could coach her in a hands on balloons intro? thanks again, bob

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