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Katelyn's Shrunken Crush

Katelyn shrank her biggest crush, Jason, and needs a way to make him submissive. So she figures she'll just scare the shit out of him until he becomes submissive. She starts off by nearly crushes him into the carpet. He gets stuck to her foot like a true bug! She stands on top of him with all of her weight but first she makes sure he's under the curve of her sole so he doesn't get crushed by accident. After a couple minutes of foot torture and play she brings him up onto the bed.

She wants to play the pressure game again but this time she squishes him underneath her boobs into a squishy pillow. She wants to show him how much he can trust her! She then unties her tops and squishes him into the soft squishy pillow underneath her massive bare breasts! She knows what high school guys think of all the time, porn, so at this point Jason really starts to enjoy her size! She squishes him a few times again underneath her massive nipple, which is bigger than his entire little body!

She then gives him exactly what he wants by squishing him between her big sexy breasts. She rolls back and rubs him into her nipples and massages him into her bare boobs. She then french kisses him, happy that he's finally under her complete control. Now that's how you whip a newly shrunken crush into submission!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
9:02 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shrunken man, nipple crush, sole crush, school girl, shrunken man, bare feet, foot fetish


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  1. Mark's Avatar
    This video was pretty good, I don't think I could ever get tired of gazing at Katelyn's perfect breasts thou I'm not really a fan of the whole extreme close ups in this video.

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