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Katelyn Eats Her Master

You're home alone and just opened a present from your best friend. You unwrapped a fancy bell. Peculiar. You shook it and didn't even hear anything. Damnit... another crappy xmas present. However, 3 seconds later and to your surprise a hot female fades in before your eyes!

She introduces herself as Katelyn, a magical spirit designed for the sole purpose of sexual pleasure! She proves she's real to you by stripping down into her thong and push up bra. She can read your mind, you still don't believe what's happening so to prove it to you she shrinks you!

However, she hasn't perfected her shrinking spell yet. You end up on the couch and very very tiny. She tells you how lucky you are to of made it through the spell. This one time she accidentally shrank a guy so small that he disappeared!

She then asks you to make a wish. She doesn't like sitting around, she likes serving! Don't make her read your mind! You have her start off by riding your little face. She rubs her pussy and moans as she bounces on top of it. She then turns around and sits on your face while moaning. Her ass is so huge! And her thong doesn't cover much of her ass crack either so you have quite the revealing view of it! She tells you "here it comes" as she raises and lowers her ass on top of you while slapping and bouncing it!

All of her moaning has you all worked up. She tells you how wet and swollen her pussy is for you too! She then turns around and plays a game with you. You're a bug down by her feet and she teases the hell out of you by telling you how tiny you are and how you're going to get crushed. She tells you how your guts will explode all over her sexy bare foot. She knows how much you love her bare feet... but she can read how much you're ready for boob play next!

You couldn't help but notice how her boobs were basically bursting out of her bra. She lets them pop out and tells you how she wants to feel your mouth sucking on her nipples. She then brings you right in between her mounds and points out her hard pointy nipples. Then the bra comes off and you get another minute of boob play. She loves it so much she moans and enjoys every second of it. She almost feels guilty of getting too much pleasure, as you are the master!

Your last request is quite unusual... you want her to eat you. She will do whatever it takes to please you so she grabs you and shows off her sexy mouth to you for a couple minutes. She describes how beautiful it is while you tremble and sweat from the overwhelmingly sexual view. She licks her teeth and moves her mouth around while talking slowly and seductively. Her mouth is wet and wants you!

She licks you multiple times and before eating you she asks what she should do with the bell. You tell her to give it to your best guy friend. She then pinches you between her fingers and ever so seductively licks between them to slowly curve and draw you into her mouth on the tip of her wet pink tongue.

She rolls her head back and moans in pleasure. She feels you slip back her wet tongue and gulps you down loudly. She can still read your mind and knows how you're stuck in an air bubble! That might help you live for an extra minute... or two! She's so happy to have been able to make all of your fantasies true!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:46 minutes
1280x720 WMV
vore, nipples, panties, soles, ass, shrunken man, belly, mouth, boobs, topless, tits, genie, christmas, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Mark's Avatar
    This video was the first video I've brought so far of Giantess Katelyn's videos. I read the plot for it and thought it would be a really good one and I was right. It so totally was, Katelyn looks amazing in her orange dress and in the matching bra and panties she wears in this video. Watching it, I found myself getting very turned on which doesn't happen too often to me. Katelyn is mesmorizing in more ways than one. Not only does she have a sexy sounding voice and very beautiful eyes that you could never get tired of gazing into. Her body itself is perfect from her perfect breasts that aren't too big or too small, just the right size and her ass is one of the most perfect asses I've ever seen. Katelyn you are truly a Goddess among women and I love you. : )

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