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In it just for the Pleasure

You arrive to Katelyn's place for a one night stand. You found her on a dating site and she tells you how happy she is to find someone in it "just for the pleasure" like her! After talking to you for a couple of minutes she reads your mind and instantly knows how much you really want to be eaten by her.

She then takes advantage of the situation by revealing herself to you and tells you all about how she can make your fantasy come true. She tells you she's really a witch. To stay young and beautiful she must eat a young woman or man every 6 months.

She then uses her magic to start shrinking you. You open your eyes and find yourself belly height. She shows you what you'll be living in for 6 months! You then open your eyes again and find yourself no taller than her knee caps. She demonstrates how tough you're getting while you shrink by crushing you beneath her high heels and bare ass for a while while teasing you.

She then picks you up and shows you her mouth. Are you ready to serve her body? You will be living inside of it for 6 months!! She reads your mind again and places you on the floor. She can feel how strong your desire is to be rolled around under her sexy bare feet before getting eaten. With the passion to make all of your wickedest shrunken fantasies come true she gives you one hell of a close and detailed look at the beautiful crevices and marks on the bottom of her feet. You can't believe the amazing view above you!

If all witches knew there were such people as you, with the fetish to be eaten, you'd all be gone! With this new found knowledge Katelyn tells you how she plans to start going to fetish gatherings to find more like you. When she needs to eat, she'll just go there and find a good meal for herself.

The hornier you get the more you want to live out your ultimate fantasy to be eaten. You can hardly hold your orgasm back and in perfect timing she picks you up and swallows you whole!

When you arrive in Katelyn's belly she pulls her dress up and rubs her belly. She talks to you and tells you it will be ok. She can hear your screams. You'll get used to the pain sooner or later, or at least a lot of her victims in the past have!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
13:10 minutes
1280x720 WMV
soles, upskirt, vore, high heel pov, belly, bare feet, tongue, mouth, thong, belly ring, Katelyn Brooks

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