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One Less Bad Driver

Daisy calls up her friend and tells her about how some lady almost ran her over while she was out walking and jogging. She then gets off the phone to take care of some business. She then pulls out the mini van that almost ran her over and gives her a lecture while crushing the van and the driver to itty bitty pieces!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
3:01 minutes
1280x720 WMV
mini van crush, dirty sneakers, kitchen floor, car crush, floor view, dirty shoes, shrunken car, jogging pants, yoga pants, stomp, Daisy May


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  1. nf's Avatar
    a true godess , nicely done with high qaulity video and great shooting as always pleased with the video.
  2. nf's Avatar
    this website's setup is great. It is secure and safe. when my computer did something weird during a sale I was able to easily claim my videa by logging into the account I had set up 5 minutes before buying the video. there I was panicked and the video was reserved on the website for me to easily access on my own. super job

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