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Daisy May's Sexy Parts Tease

Sexy cool music plays in the background as you get to admire Giantess Daisy's sexy parts very close up! First you get to admire her face by following the trace of her sexy red fingers to her eyes, nose, lips, mouth, and each ear.

You then get to admire her sexy red painted toes as she curves each foot and shows it off. She takes her hands and pulls up her pant leg to let you admire her ankle and leg and then slips her hands back down onto her bare soles for a few moments to let you admire the beautiful tops of her feet.

You then get a very sexy backside view of Giantess Daisy on all fours. You're below her feet admiring her firm and curvy feet. It looks like she stepped on something, oh how you wish that little spot was you! You then check out her long sexy toes and the sides of her soles and look up at her beautiful face looking down at you.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
4:36 minutes
1280x720 WMV
pov, eye fetish, nose fetish, lip fetish, mouth fetish, ear fetish, foot fetish, close up, blonde, blue eyes, piercings, earrings, red manicure, red fingernails, red pedicure, red toenails, close up, body exploration, daisy may


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  1. paul's Avatar
    i would love for that chick daise to have her way with me!

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