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Devoured Promise

A hot guy from school gets Katelyn and Daisy to burp for him on 3 way call by promising to bring them on a little shopping spree at the mall later. Katelyn catches on and thinks he's getting off on it but they don't mind because he's one of the hottest guys in school so they just keep burping and burping and burping! After burping for him for nearly 3 minutes on end and giving him a grand finally he cums. He gets off the phone almost immediately after, but still denying it's anything sexual.

Later on that evening Katelyn and Daisy found out that he never intended to keep his promise. They pretended not to care at first but only to lure him to their apartment. Once he arrives they give him a short lecture and shrink him down to bug sized. They get up and use their toes and feet to play with him while deciding what his fate should be. They told him there would be consequences if he broke his promise and they weren't lying! Katelyn and Daisy then decide since he likes mouths and burping so much that his fate should be death by eating! However, he's so hot that they both can't agree on who gets to eat him so it turns into a competition!

Katelyn peels a banana and Daisy places their shrunken crush in the center of it. Whoever gets to him first gets to eat him. They start eating the banana together on both ends and with only one bite yet, Katelyn wins! It was a close call though! Katelyn moans and groans about how good their crush tastes as she eats him alive. Daisy just says oh well, I'll be sure to win next time we shrink someone!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
7:34 minutes
1280x720 WMV
burping fetish, bare feet, foot fetish, sexy toes, red toe nail polish fetish, mouth fetish, eating, chewing, vore, shrunken man, two giantesses, two girl vore, banana, Daisy May, Katelyn Brooks

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