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Daisy's Perfect Day

Giantess Daisy arrives home from the most wonderful day at work and tells Giantess Katelyn that her day couldn't get any better! Katelyn's very happy that Daisy had a wonderful day at work but she smirks at Daisy and tells her she has a secret that will really complete her perfect day. Daisy's asks what it is and Katelyn starts digging in her bra. While pulling out a shrunken man Katelyn tells Daisy that she discovered and shrunk the neighborhood's peeping tom, who Daisy has been pissed at for weeks on end! She found out who he was after hanging out with the new hot blonde next door and took advantage of him when he answered his door unable to stare at anything but Katelyn's massive boobs.

Giantess Katelyn then hands him over to Daisy and Daisy takes her revenge by squishing him on the soft plush pink blanket underneath her sexy bare foot. Katelyn flicks his tiny little body, she loves doing that to bugs! Daisy twists and turns her foot on top his tiny shrunken body and then asks Katelyn to take the pleasure of finishing him off. After Katelyn rubs him into the blanket underneath her bare foot and finishes him off they flick his remains away!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
3:45 minutes
1280x720 WMV
bare feet, crush, shrunken man, red toe nails, two girls, red pedicure, red polish, red toe nails, barefoot, Daisy May, Katelyn Brooks

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