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Sock the Teacher

Katelyn and Daisy secretly used their handsome science teacher's shrinking device on him so they could sneak him home and tease him with their socks to get a better grade. First Daisy place him within the top elastic rim of Katelyn's knee high socks. They think he's adorable there and Daisy teases him by pulling the sock up and letting it snap back on him. Then Katelyn takes the teacher and places him in Daisy's ankle sock. They really adore how his little limbs stick out from the sock holes! Then Katelyn pushes him further down in to Daisy's sock, right under the curve of her foot. Katelyn thinks he'll be safe in there since Daisy's feet are so curvy and tells her she should walk around with him in her sock! Daisy gets up and walks around but nearly crushes his entire little body. She sits back down and when Katelyn checks he's still alive but very injured. They don't want to get in trouble so they both decide to combine their sexy socked soles and crush him like a little bug trapped in their socks. They feel him squirm, pop, and then he's gone. After they crush him they talk about cover ups and how they hope no one them shrink him in school!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
4:03 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shrunken man, school girls, blonde, brunette, french fingernails, red fingernails, knee high socks, blue jeans, two girls, in between feet, in between soles, socked feet, katelyn brooks, daisy may

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