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If you Were a Ball of Clay

Giantess Katelyn knows how jealous you are over the small ball of clay by her sneakers so she shows and tells you what you'd be feeling if you were that lucky ball of clay. After walking back and forth behind and over the ball of clay numerous times she plays the game of weight with the clay. She simply places her sneaker on the ball of clay and watches as it slowly begins to squish beneath her sneaker - all without any added weight. She then slowly adds more and more weight until the clay is flat.

Giantess Katelyn then peels the clay off of the sole of her sneaker, showing you how you would have ended up, and rolls it up to let you experience it one more time but this time underneath her other sneaker! She seductively rolls you around using the sole of her sneaker and then SLAM! She crushes half of the clay ball. She then quickly stomps on it again! After the second stomp she rolls the remains beneath her sneaker, rolls it up again with her hand and then stomps on the full clay ball one last time!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
4:44 minutes
1280x720 WMV
crush demonstration, ball of clay, white sneakers, pink socks, transformation fantasy, french manicure, french fingernails, tff, transformation fetish, fetish video, kitchen floor, floor view, step on, squish, Katelyn Brooks

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