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Bowels of Eternity

Jade has taken a you home with her from a party with the promise of fulfilling your every desire. She mischievously asks what you think of her Halloween party set up as her Halloween party is tomorrow night and there are a lot of... guests... coming! She then goes over what your desires are -- blow job, watching her pleasure herself, getting her into bed, etc until Jade eventually says that perhaps you'd much prefer to be eaten alive. She tells you the real reason she even knows of your fantasy to be eaten alive is because she's actually a succubus - she's a demon of lust and for a price, she could make your fantasy a reality. She then shrinks you with the click of her fingers and you shrink rather fast, while she tells you the price would be... your soul.

You're now shrunken and looking up at Succubus Jade. She tells you for what you've done you're going to hell anyway, there's no redemption, but if you decide to give your body to Jade right now you'll join her realm. Her realm which is dedicated to the sin of lust, a paradise compared to the other realms of hell. Jade then bends down to pick you up. It's time to do some convincing to get you to go through with your fantasy!

You then find yourself in Jade's hands peering into her very wide open mouth. She has you imagine what it would be like to be inside and describes how wet and warm it is. She tells you if you want it you must cum. To convince you further she shows off her sexy belly, she knows how badly you want to be inside of it. She rubs you over it and teases you by talking about what the digestion will be like for you. She can tell how close to the edge of orgasm you are and tells you once you cum, you belong to her.

Succubus Jade then brings you up to her mouth and puts you in. (Deep inside mouth cam for 20 seconds) She tosses you around from cheek to cheek and rolls your shrunken little body around in her mouth. She begs you to cum so she can take your soul and swallow your body. She wants it as badly as you do. A second later you find yourself tipping over the edge of her throat, and unable to hold back any longer you blow a load and slide down in!

Since Jade could read your mind to find out your fantasy, she can still hear your thoughts even inside of her. Jade then rubs her belly while looking down at it and teases about how it was your desire to be digested alive but she can hear you saying what is happening to your body and she can feel you trying to get out. The succubus Jade then tells you how much of a turn on it is to have you painfully melt away inside her body and persuades you to go lie down in the acids to digest properly.

Jade then feels you turn to mush and then silence. She can't hear your thoughts as loudly any more, you've died. She laughs and pushes your remains through her intestines, teasing you about how you were was just a piece of food she's getting nutrients from. And she says once you're absorbed into her intestines you'll just be waste and you'll feel what it's like to be flushed down the sewers.

We then see a back shot POV of Jade (as if she's just finished using the toilet) Jade then turns around and looks down at you. (The camera is the "toilet bowl") she hopes you enjoyed being digested alive because the bowels of hell you'll be spending eternity in is her bowels. She will digest your soul over and over again for eternity and you'll forever feel the complete experience from beginning to end for eternity! Yes, the part where you roll around in her wet mouth, the part where you get digested, and the part where you come out as waste and get flushed down the sewers... over and over again for eternity!! She then flushes you down the toilet (sound fx included).

This video features 20 seconds of deep inside mouth cam and a toilet flush sound effect.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
5:38 minutes
1280x720 WMV
evil giantess, vore, toilet tease, mouth cam, belly, digestion, swallowed alive, shrinking, giantess succubus, Asian, Jade Vixen

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