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Jade's Spider Web

Giantess Jade is a spooky spider who has caught victims in her spider web! She sexily eats them one by one, enjoying their delicious taste. She then looks down at her feet and sees that some have gotten out of her spider webs and are trying to escape across her table! She crushes them all and gives them all slow and painful deaths beneath her big feet. She doesn't even care that she's lost some food because no one escapes from her!

She then sits down and lays back on her table and searches through her spider web to eat some more. Some of the spider web even goes into her mouth as she sucks all the rest of her victims out of her web and into her mouth. As she eats them she rubs her nipples because it sometimes gets her horny. She even rubs a victim on her nipple to humiliate him before dropping him down her throat and eating him whole. After she eats all of her victims she stands up and starts spinning more spider web!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
3:25 minutes
1280x720 mp4
shrunken people, vore, red lips, crush, soles, glass pov, bare feet, nipples, halloween, witch, spider web, mouth fetish, huge lips, big lips, legs, Asian, Jade Vixen

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