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Giantess Jades Candy Corn Pop Story

Giantess Jade indulges herself in to a candy corn lollipop while telling you how she loves Halloween. In fact every piece of sugar that composes her candy corn lollipop was once a human! She then tells you she loves huge Halloween parties at clubs because no one notices when hundreds of people go missing.

After telling you about how much she loves Halloween and about her lollipop she tells you about her last new years eve. She shrank thousands that night! They were all turned into salt which rimmed her margarita. They were all so delicious and no one even knew she was consuming hundreds with each sip and lick, in public!

Giantess Jade then lets you watch as she licks and sucks her candy corn lollipop some more. She tells you how tasty all of you are. You even get to see her licking and sucking it very close up as she moans, sucks, and licks in pure delight!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
6:52 minutes
1280x720 WMV
lollypop, sucking, lip fetish, candy licking, mouth fetish, lips, tongue, eating

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