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Foot Lesson from Jade

Giantess Jade tells you to crawl over to her, but stay at her bare feet where you belong. She knows you really like her feet, you've been salivating over them all night. She then gives you a sexy foot show before telling you that she's having a party tonight and her girlfriends are all going to want foot rubs. But Jade is a greedy Goddess so you need to rub hers first. She then pushes them into your face and tells you to rub them. After a minute of rubbing them she tells you that all of her girlfriends like to feel how strong they are by stepping on and smothering lowly people like you underneath their feet. Giantess Jade suggests you pay close attention to your lesson. Two mistakes and she'll finish you off the same way she finished off her last foot slave. She shrank him and crushed him underneath her foot because he was disobedient!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
2:46 minutes
1280x720 WMV
bare feet, foot fetish, foot goddess, foot slave, dominatrix, crush, giantess, giantess girlfriends


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  1. carlos's Avatar
    God!!!!!! I love those pretty feet. Wish i was there so i could kiss them.

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