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The Witch Crush Fantasy Holodeck Program

You're shrunken and looking up at Jade, you're her boyfriend. She's so big! You're in a holodeck and she wants to make your witch fantasy come to life. You're shrunken in the hands of a witch and she's going to have her way with you! Jade is so large that you can hardly get your hands on her. Your tiny size makes it hard for you to do what you normally do with her in bed. You're teeny tiny and she feels a little bad for you so she helps you out by giving you a sexy strip tease. During the tease you get crushed under and between her most sensitive parts including her boobs, thighs, ass, and she gives you lots of foot play and nearly crushes you!

Afterwards she tells you that she really enjoyed acting out your Giantess fetish fantasy and plans on making even more hot holodeck programs for you since she really gets off on it!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
4:27 minutes
1280x720 WMV
ass crush, nipples, wrinkled soles, asian feet, doll sized, halloween, witch, Jade Vixen

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