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Eaten by Jade the Witch

It's Halloween and you've hired a stripper to come to your party dressed as a witch to put on a show for your party. You think everything is going great. The room is decorated and Jade is early and offers you a taste of what your party is going to see! She gets up on the table and the sexier she gets the more you fall to your knees. Or, at least, you think you're falling to your knees but you're actually shrinking!

Once you're completely shrunken Jade then picks your shrunken body up off the floor and tells you that she's actually a witch. She tells you strippers don't become rich over night but a witch can when she looks like a stripper! She already made 3k from the party and hopes to make a whole lot more by eating all the men. She then tosses you into her mouth, tosses you back and forth inside her mouth with her tongue, and swallows you down!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
2:31 minutes
1280x720 WMV
exotic dancer, vore, sexy lips, mouth, bare feet, shrunken man, giantess witch, asian giantess, Jade Vixen

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