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The Goddess of Foot Tease

Katelyn seductively waves both of her sexy bare naked soles in front of your face and uses them to tease the hell out of you. She repeatedly pushes them out towards your face and pulls them back to stimulate that you're getting crushed over and over. She scrunches her soles, curves them, flips her toes back and forth, and all while she doesn't have panties on beneath her dress! However, her crotch is just out of your vision, you get no peaks! Katelyn, the Goddess of Foot Tease then tells you it's time to get crushed. She swings both feet in front of your face and asks which one it will be. She makes the decision herself and pushes her foot into your face. She then applies more and more pressure, so much pressure you suffocate! She twists the ball of her foot around and around and smears your little life into non existence twice over with her toes!

Please note: This video features low trance music playing in the background to add to the life-like experience with the Goddess.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
4:41 minutes
1280x720 WMV
soles, black hair, brunette, close up, pov, legs up, french pedicure, french toenails


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  1. Tiny-Mikey's Avatar
    What a tease, love it!!!!!

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