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The Need to Feed

Niles begged and pleaded for his life soooo well that it almost makes Katelyn want to give into him. She tells him no. The reason she has little tiny shrunken slaves like him is because she has a sexuality and a hunger that involves her eating tiny little slaves his size for her happiness, pleasure, and consumption. The game is predator and prey. She explains how the predator might feel a little bad for catching her prey and the process of a Giantess listening to her prey beg, scream, and plead does sometime convince her to stop. But no. Katelyn is strong and has never backed out of eating her prey. She MUST feed.

Katelyn then explains something about food to her little shrunken prey. Thankfully, she has food too which allows her to balance her meals. Just one shrunken person a day satisfies her hunger and food takes care of the rest of the meals. However, she MUST feed on at least one shrunken person a day. And it wouldn't be fair for her to release him and choose another after she's already made up her mind, now would it. No, that would not be fair to the others. The others are very joyful that it's not their turn yet.

She then goes through with it. She holds little tiny shrunken slave Niles high above her huge wide open mouth and tells him to say the last words of his life, high above her mouth. After her spine chilling last words to him she then drops him into her mouth. She lies back on her couch and squirms in pleasure while rubbing her belly. Her hips sway back and forth, by the looks and the sound of it you can tell how satisfied eating him has made her.

Katelyn continues to talk to him even after he's been eaten. She can feel him sliding slowly down her throat! She moans and groans in pleasure as she pushes him down her throat even more! She then no longer feels him in her throat any more and moans some more because that means within minutes, his little tiny life is going to be nothing more than a snack for her body.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
5:43 minutes
1280x720 WMV
vore, mouth, pov, throat, belly, shrunken pov, uvula, rings, flat stomach, belly, hand, hands, fingers, palm, back hair, Katelyn Brooks

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