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Predator Prey Game Accident

Giantess Katelyn and her shrunken pet Niles have been playing "Hide and Seek" "Predator and Prey" for nearly a half of an hour and Niles hasn't been caught yet! Katelyn then finds Niles under the cough and tells him how surprised she is that he lasted that long during the hunt. However, Katelyn thinks she knows how he lasted that long and explains to him how she understands the method he would have had to of been using in order to last that long.

So now to continue the game, Niles knows he must be eaten next. It's just a game though!! Katelyn tells him it's just a game too and whispers that she's not actually going to get eaten, nothing to worry about. Katelyn frightens him by telling him the details of what will happen to him once he enters her body and even lifts up her dress to show him where he'll end up.

Giantess Katelyn then holds Nile high above her mouth and drops him in. A few seconds later she being to panic in distress. She thinks she accidentally swallowed poor Niles, this was only supposed to be a game! She quickly grabs a mirror so she can look around in her mouth for him, but he is no where to be found. She was hoping he just got trapped beneath her tongue, in her cheeks, or beside her teeth where she wouldn't be able to feel him too well. But to her dismay, he was accidentally swallowed by her during this fun little activity that was only supposed to be a game!

She then talks to him, hoping he's still alive long enough to hear her last words to him. They always talked about the day she'd eat him but she never thought it would be an accident that he get eaten by her. This is it. He's gone forever. His little body was nothing than a tiny little snack for her gigantic body. Katelyn then opens her mouth very wide and looks in the mirror at the very deep wide throat Niles took his final ride down, all while still talking to him about what she's feeling and doing.

Giantess Katelyn then begins to smile as she thinks allowed about how after all, it does turn her on how his little tiny life was given to serve her big gigantic body and she bets he's enjoying himself in there now that the shock is fading. Katelyn then begins indulging in the pleasure of the accident. She lifts her dress up and rubs her belly, dominantly telling him how little of a snack he was to her gigantic body. And thanks to him now she knows to be more careful when she plays such games with other pets! She tells him take it as that he gave his life for everyone else. She then tells him how eating him made her really hungry! He was like her little "appetizer"! She then goes upstairs to release her cage of disobedient pets and slaves. Her hunger must be fulfilled!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
6:29 minutes
1280x720 WMV
vore, mouth, shrunken man, belly, throat, tongue, black dress, uvula, french manicure


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    Katelyn can you shrink me then swallow me

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