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Micro City Licked Off Katelyn's Feet

Katelyn apologizes for stepping in your little tiny shrunken city. While she was gardening earlier, she got your entire city stuck to her bare sole. She then takes the pleasure of killing hundreds of your people in just one orgasmic lick! She moans and groans in pleasure. She then explains how she wasn't expecting there to be a shrunken city, especially as busy as yours, hiding in her garden. But what a pleasant surprise! She has been craving a tiny city like yours for what feels like weeks now.

Katelyn thought she already crushed and ate all of the little cities that were hiding in her garden. She didn't want to plant any new flowers until they were all exterminated because of the risk of bees stinging and eating the cities. She then indulges even deeper into licking your entire micro sized city from the crevices of her very sexy bare sole. After enjoying licking up your city for minutes on end, she thinks of what was on her Giantess sized to do list next. Oh right! She wanted to go masturbate. She's been horny all day. Whatever of you are still left will surely end your life getting squished on her sole as she scrunches it during her orgasm to come!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
7:16 minutes
1280x720 WMV
licking, micro, soles, bare feet, mouth, tongue, Katelyn Brooks

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