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Katelyn's Shrunken Lover

Katelyn wakes up to her alarm to find that her boyfriend, Doug, isn't in bed with her. She calls out for him, no answer. She assumes he just left her to go on with her day. She checks her cell phone for the time and sees he left for work early. Maybe he left early to grab some breakfast somewhere.

Katelyn misses him so much and thinks it's too bad he left early. She was really in the mood to get some snuggling in with him before starting the day. On top of that it doesn't help that she had erotic dreams about him all night. Katelyn stretches out and feels herself just thinking about it. She then sighs and wishes it was actually happening. She can't wait for the night to come, when they're both home together and horny for each other. But for now she better get up and get ready to head to work.

On her way back from the bathroom she spends a minute making the bed. Little does she know, Doug is shrunken and trapped in the carpet dangerously close to her bare feet - just inches away from being crushed by her massive and moving bare soles. While she's making the bed she talks about how hard Doug and her have been working this past week and that they're definitely due in for a good relaxing together! She moans and arches her sole to extend the comforter to the other side of the bed and when she lowers it, it comes right on top of tiny little shrunken Doug!

Luckily, Katelyn bounces her foot right back up off the ground in shock. She thinks she nearly crushed a cute little innocent bug. She points her sexy red painted toe nails at him while cutely talking to him. She asks what he's doing in their bedroom. He shouldn't be in their bedroom, it's really dangerous because she's always walking around in her bare feet. A bug could easily accidentally get squished by her and she wouldn't want that to happen because she loves little bugs!

She tells the little bug (Doug) to let her pick him up so she can bring him outside and set him free. Save his life from her big massive feet she jokes. Massive to him anyway since he's so tiny! Kneeling on her legs and arms, Katelyn gently picks him up between her fingers. Curious, she is. She doesn't have her glasses on so she could be mistaken but she notices he doesn't quite look like the ordinary bug she sees around the house. She goes to take a closer look. Squints her eyes. Doug?!?! She asks the bug if it's really him!?!?! She gasps in shock. It really is him! How did she get so tiny, she asks. He's bug sized!

Katelyn then tells him what a lucky guy he is for having her as a girlfriend. Any other girlfriend would have probably freaked out and squished him like the bug he appeared to be! Luckily for them both, Katelyn is kind and caring to bugs. She's so happy she found him and hopes she didn't hurt him at all when she accidentally stepped on him a little when she was making the bed! She caringly asks if he's hurt and gives him kisses.

Katelyn would just die if anything happened to him so she's glad she has him in between her fingers where she knows he'll be safe. After sympathizing with him she goes on to tell him about her morning. How she thought he left for work early to grab some food and how she woke up extremely horny for him after her night of erotic dreams about him. Doug has the biggest and most pleasing cock she's ever been fucked with. How could she not have erotic dreams about him?! She remembers she even woke up at one point in the middle of the night and almost raped him in his sleep. But luckily for him she fell asleep within a few seconds and then was back to her erotic dream.

Since Doug is really tiny now she begins reassuring him that he'll certainly still be able to please her. They can still be sexual, even at his newly shrunken size. In fact she would love to experiment! She does have to go to work soon but she wants to experiment before she leaves. She promises to be very careful and flirtingly reminds him of how "soft " she is "down there "!

Katelyn and Doug then start to get hot together before she heads out to work. She very gently places him in her bra. She giggles as even the perkiest part of her nipple is bigger than him! Her entire nipple must be twenty sizes bigger than him! She can feel him rubbing and pleasing her nipple. She told him he'd still be good at pleasing her even at his tiny little size! She then invites him into the other side of her bra. Before you know they're playing a fun and teasing sexual size game together. She uses her massive mounds as a fun sexual slide for him! He slips down and gets pinned between Katelyn's massive breasts. She knows how good it must feel for him.

All this foreplay has really gotten Katelyn in the mood to give him a little "test drive down below ". She slowly works him down her sexy belly until he reaches her belly button. She thrusts her hips with Doug in her belly button, playfully teasing him. She tells him there's so many ways she could play with him and tease him at his tiny little size.

She then works Doug down even further until he's on top her silky panties. She's very teasing and takes it nice and slow. First she rubs him on top her panties, pleasing her clit in circular motions. He even falls deep down her butt crack a few times! Katelyn moans in pleasure and wants to feel more of him. Since he keeps slipping and falling she decides to bring him inside her panties so he gets trapped between her pussy and panties.

Katelyn then uses him as her mini living dildo for minutes on end. She wants to feel him deeper so she pounds her fingers into herself, getting hotter and hotter for him. She then gets out her glass dildo and tells him to hold on tight as she fucks it! They cum together in sweet ecstasy. Afterwards she lets the glass dildo slip back out of her pussy and is glad to see he made it through all that fucking! He also knows what she loves to do to her dildos after she cums all over them. She loves licking her sweet orgasm off them! She moans and carefully licks her cum off her dildo making sure not to hurt her shrunken lover.

After the dildo is all licked, sucked, and cleaned off she realizes she's probably late for work. Stuck between the decision of leaving Doug safe at home or keeping him safe on her she decides to keep him in her bra for the day that way she's there to help him with anything he needs.

This video includes around 5 minutes of pussy cam (Doug's POV from inside).


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
26:55 minutes
1280x720 WMV
pussy cam, soles, masturbation, belly, vore, bare feet, horny giantess, glass dildo, shrunken man, lips, french tips, fingers, handheld, unaware, voyeur, Katelyn Brooks

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