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Sexy Parts Tease

This video teases you with many of Katelyn sexy features by showing extreme close ups and sexy angles. Music plays throughout. First Katelyn gives you a nice look at her sexy bare feet as she moves them around. She then ass crushes a cushion a few times while wiggling, bouncing, and grinding her ass into it. After that you get to see her coat her sexy lips in gloss. She then shows you a deep look down her throat and also shows you the underneath sides of the tops and bottoms of her teeth. Katelyn then shoots you sexy full faced flirty looks for a few seconds before slipping her sexy hands all around you to show off all the details of her palms. You then get to see another extreme closeup of Katelyn's mouth as she licks her teeth, kisses you, and shows you her deep throat.
She then shows you something you don't get to see too often - one of her eyes extremely close up! You can see every eyelash! She then brings you down her face to something else that's not seen often enough - her nose! She shows her nostrils super close up! To end the video she plays around with a few sexy saliva strings, so close up and detailed you'll feel like you're actually there!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
5:40 minutes
1280x720 WMV
bare feet, eyes, mouth fetish, lips, throat, hands, face, lip gloss, teeth fetish, dark toe nails, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. matthew's Avatar
    I want to be consumed by you and reduced be to feces.
  2. Jon's Avatar
    Have you ever done a video where you strangle someone with your bare hands or pretend to ? If not I think it would be quite fantastic !

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