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Katelyn's Mouth Worshiper Spices

Katelyn asks if all of her tiny mouth worshipers are ready to serve her nutrition. She's turned a few hundred of them into delicious oregano spices to sprinkle on top of her fettuccine alfredo. She sprinkles them all on and 30-40 end up being eaten at a time with every bite. Katelyn soon figures out it's not enough, she needs more shrunken worshiper spices on her fettuccine! So she sprinkles about a thousand more worshipers on and starts enjoying!

She moans while eating every bite with thorough enjoyment. She knows how much they're all going to enjoy serving her body. It's like all of their dreams come true and Katelyn's too! She talks about the various ways she loves eating them on her noodles while devouring what seems like hundreds more at a time. She loves knowing how many people are inside her mouth getting eaten for her nutrition. She tells them all how much she loves it!

Katelyn then gets even more playful with her food, since there are so many enjoying the experience with her. She dangles a piece of pasta high above her mouth and teases it for a minute before slowly lowing it into her mouth. She loves how she can feel all of her worshipers on the noodle and wiggles it around her mouth before swallowing it down. She then teases and eats all of the rest of the worshipers until her noodles are all gone.

Once her plate is cleaned of fettuccine she takes a closer look and realizes there are more worshipers stuck in the sauce left over on the plate. Oh no! Good thing Katelyn is smart or they could have all ended up down the drain. What a waste that would have been! Katelyn then obsessively licks her plate clean of worshipers, being extra careful not to miss a single one!

After Katelyn's huge meal she goes to her living room to digest everything. She wiggles and squirms in enjoyment while rubbing her feet all over her legs and scrunching them with pleasure! She is one satisfied Goddess after that huge meal!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
33:06 minutes
1280x720 WMV
vore, eating, micro, licking, throat, consumption, bare feet, french nails, pasta

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