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She Gets What She Wants

You've arrived at your girlfriends house but she isn't home from the mall yet so her bigger sister, Katelyn, lets you in to wait. You're a bit shorter than Katelyn so when she lets you in you notice her nipples are poking through the cloth of her shirt- it's so obvious she isn't wearing a bra! When she turns around to invite you upstairs you follow her up and you get a full shot of her thonged ass wiggling back and forth you follow her up the stairs.

Katelyn pauses for a moment in the living room and tells you she wants you to follow her up to her bedroom, she has something to show you. You follow her up the stairs to the third floor and get yet another hot ass show! Her skirt is just so short that you can see her entire ass as she walks up the stairs!

You've finally arrived to Katelyn's room and she has you sit down. She tells you about how she just got a new job at the Strip club in town. You're waiting to see what she wanted to show you and she starts undressing...

She undresses down to a thong, with her back faced towards you, and goes into her closet with a bra in hand. She comes back out and shows off her lingerie to you. She jokes about how she'll love her job because it's so easy to take off clothes and she loves to dance. She then gets closer to you and talks to you about how she's always loved shorter men... but then she thinks she hears her sister arrive home so she quick tells you to go downstairs because she doesn't want to make her sister jealous.

You rush downstairs but you soon find yourself in Katelyn's room with her alone again since your girlfriend wanted to get a shower. Katelyn basically seduces you while your girlfriend is in the shower. She lied to you and got you thinking that your girlfriend is cheating on you and is going to break up with you so you don't care. Katelyn's sister also told her about how when you get horny you begin to shrink so she knows you're horny because you start shrinking!

On the bed, you've shrunken a few feet. Katelyn asks if she can see your dick, and it takes a little convincing, but she gets it out for you. Before you know it she's sucking you off and when you cum you shrink again! She then sucks it again to shrink you some more!

Katelyn then brings you to the floor and dances high above you. At this point, you're only a couple inches tall. She dances high above you and rubs you off again with her clear dancer high heels and then you shrink again! She then hides you in her panties to go see what her sister is up to!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:08 minutes
1280x720 WMV
up skirt, panties, blow job, shrinking, thong, stripper, soles, bare feet, mouth fetish, clear high heels, shrunken man, Katelyn Brooks

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