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The Giantess Walks Among Us

Katelyn is a private scientist who works for herself and for the government. She does most of her work in secret but the government is sponsoring her work. Her practices include molecular lasers for teleportation, transformation, miniaturization, and much more. This movie focuses on her miniaturization studies that take place in both her lab and her bedroom.

*All shrunken scenes are done with props*

First Scene - Katelyn Finds Shrunken Steve
Scene includes Steve's shrunken dialogue

Katelyn arrives at her office and looks around for her assistant Steve, who accidentally shrunk himself with her minimizer. She walks back and forth in her lab, looks beneath her equipment table, and then stops when she thinks she hears something.

Shrunken Steve is on the floor by Katelyn's dangerous tapping high heels screaming up to her for help. She thinks she hears something and stops to look around. She finds him on the floor and carefully raises him to her face, unsure who he is.

When she realizes it's her assistant Steve she becomes upset and gives him a short lecture about her lab rules. She told him not to touch the minimizer! After her lecture she promises to return him back to his normal size - but she wants him to take a break from her science for a while!

Some of the shots include a full body of Katelyn walking around in the lab, Steve's POV looking up at Katelyn by her high heels, floor view of Steve standing by Katelyn's high heel, and a close up head shot of Katelyn holding Steve between her fingers during her lecture.

Scene ends at 3:13

Second Scene - Katelyn Shrinks John
Scene includes actor John

Katelyn and her boyfriend John, a huge flirt, arrive at her lab so she can do a shrinking test on him. She assures him there's nothing to worry about and that Steve's restoration complications were fixed.

John and Katelyn joke and flirt around while she gets the minimizer ready and then she successfully shrinks him! Katelyn then looks at the results of the quick miniaturization process - he looks perfectly fine!

Some of the shots include a full body of Katelyn and John in the lab and a head shot of Katelyn as she observes shrunken John.

Scene ends at 4:33

Third Scene - Katelyn and John make Out
Scene includes actor John and music

John and Katelyn get passionate with each other on Katelyn's bed. They talk about Johns shrunken experience as they make out and kiss passionately.

Some of the shots include a chest up of Katelyn and John sitting on her bed talking and beginning to make out, a full body of them laying down and making out, a chest up of them making out, a full body of Katelyn on top of John dominating him, and a super close up head-shot of them kissing.

Scene ends at 8:40

Fourth Scene - Katelyn turns John into a Fly
Scene includes actor John and fly sound fx

John, in Katelyn's lab, tells someone on the phone that he has all of Katelyn's information to expose her. To his dismay, Katelyn overhears him and knows what to do next.

Katelyn can't let any evidence escape from her lab so she turns John into a fly with her minimizer. She yells as she bats her arms around the room trying desperately to catch him. She hits him onto her table, trapping him in some spider webbing, and then crushes him beneath a tool box while he's trapped.

Some of the shots include Katelyn sneaking up behind John, Katelyn transforming John into a fly, and Katelyn crushing John the fly beneath a toolbox.

Scene ends at 9:26

Fifth Scene - Katelyn Shrinks Billy

Katelyn arrives at her lab, sets her minimizer, and get a little more comfortable by taking off her jacket. She turns around to see Billy, her friend, who has agreed to let her do some shrinking experiments on him. Before they start, Billy gets to watch Katelyn check up on her little shrunken town and write in her notebook.

Then Katelyn gives Billy her undivided attention. She's ready to shrink him! After she shoots the minimizer at him he slowly begins to shrink. Before he knows it, her high heels look like mountains compared to him! He's been distilled down to a miniature version of himself.

Katelyn carefully picks him and he stands tall in her hand as she breathes on him and touches him with her fingers. She hopes her breath smells nice for him and she hopes it's keeping him warm. Katelyn doesn't think she should tell him what she just ate though! It's a good thing he's not naughty or she'd make him floss her giant teeth!

She then starts making size comparisons. First she asks Billy how her hand looks with her nicely manicured nails and she holds him up close to her huge bosom. Katelyn then jokes about how many floors her thumb would be if it was a building (more so, a hotel). She guesses her thumb would be the Pent House Suite and if Billy was a guest he'd get first class service!

Some of the shots include a full body shot of Katelyn in her lab, Billy's shrinking POVs, a close look at Katelyn's calves down to her high heels as Billy shrinks, a POV shot of Billy looking up at Katelyn beside her high heel and getting picked up, a closeup headshot of Katelyn holding and touching Billy as he stands in her open palm, a straight on bosom shot, and a super low angle POV below Katelyn's hand as she moves her thumb around to touch billy.

Scene ends at 15:55

Sixth Scene - Billy's Fantasies
Scene includes a Special Effects flash during Katelyn's transformation magic, two POV dance scenes in different outfits, and music during the dance scenes.

Katelyn asks shrunken Billy to tell her more about his fantasies regarding being shrunk down by a beautiful girl. Katelyn has many fun plans for them and wants to know all about his fantasies!

She lowers her face in really close to billy and explains how he'll get used to the size of everything. Then, she tells him she turned Mike (some creep) into a mouse - and John into a fly. She explains why she turned John into a fly and re-assures Billy that she's never do anything that horrible to him!

Afterward, Katelyn decides to have some fun with Billy and show him a sexy magic trick her magician friend taught her. She carefully places him on the floor and backs up. Before Billy knows it, Katelyn starts spinning and a flash appears. Katelyn's attire changes! Her high heel mules turn into knee high boots. Her red button down work shirt turns into a form fitting scoop neck top.

Katelyn gives him a closeup view of her hot new outfit by slowly carrying him the whole way up her height. She then places him back on the floor and flirts with him about his tiny size and then indulges him in a very sexy dance!

Katelyn stands up tall above him and slowly dances as she talks about how he better watch out which hot girls he lets shrink him because some girls like to take advantage of cool guys like him!

After the sexy dance Katelyn lowers her palm to the floor and opens it up for Billy. She delicately wraps her fingers and palm around him as he stands on her floor. She raises him high into the sky with her while giving him plenty of Giantess sized air kisses!

Time to do some shrinking experiment studying now! Katelyn gently places him on her equipment table with her other shrunken projects. She bends down to closely observe Billy, totally shoving her absolutely massive breasts in his face by accident! Billy then looks up and sees Katelyn gigantic face and hands observing him.

She compliments how he's been handing the shrinking project and sweet talks him as she touches him to observe him some more. He gets a check straight down the list of a fine and handsome experiment!

To test some more she hovers her massive thumbnail over billy, completely engulfing him beneath it. Billy then tries to climb her glossy manicured thumb nail, but it's too glossy to grab onto!

After much more experimenting Billy asks a little about Katelyn's experiments. Is she a private operation or does she work for the government? Katelyn trusts Billy to keep her information secret so she gives him a little private information before studying him some more.

She then holds her hand high above the little shrunken town on her table, with Billy laying in her palm. She makes some more size comparisons and even puts him in her ring at one point! Perhaps later, she will shrink him even smaller and do some living upgrades to the compartment inside her ring so he can live in it!

Billy then tells Katelyn something very disturbing. See, Katelyn and Billy are close friends. Billy tells Katelyn that some jerks from his last jobs are still bullying him so Katelyn gets fired up and tells him how gruesomely she'll take care of them. She'll turn them both into bugs! She'll turn Tony into a Worm and Dave into a Snail and crush them both under her boots! And as for Billy's boss, Robert, she'll transform him into a Roach and crush him too!

Billy really likes the sound of all this and wishes to prove his loyalty to Katelyn. So she describes a special one man submarine shrinking experiment he can partake in but it would require her drinking him down!

Katelyn then decides it's time for some more wonder Katelyn magic! This time her outfit transforms into a sexy white bra and thong. She asks Billy what attracts him to the female empowering theme and gives him another very sexy dance.

After her dance she lies down and makes him go on a quest to walk across her finger for a reward! She helps him cheat along and his reward is an exploration inside her bra! She drops him in, explains how he feels on her nipple, and rubs her breasts as she flirts with him some more.

Katelyn has a lot more to teach and show Billy so she gets him back out and stands back up to explain.

*Some parts of the following scene are visually blown out, but luckily they're not too long* 50:23-

Katelyn wants to team up with shrunken Billy to fight the evil doers of the world together as a team! He will be greatly rewarded for his participation, and Katelyn makes sure to prove it in the following scene for listening to her so dearly!

Tons of shots in this scene. To name a few- tons of handheld and finger shots, dance POVs from Billy's view beside Katelyn's high heels, palm shots above the shrunken town, boob shots, and much more.

Scene ends at 55:20

Seventh Scene - Billy's Private Adventure
Scene includes inside pussy cam shots (first ever!) and music

Katelyn and her shrunken experiment Billy arrive to her bedroom. Billy's in for a nice reward for his previous participation in her shrinking experiments. So, Katelyn wants to give him a little taste of what his rewards will be like if he continues to act so bravely together with her.

She lies down and tells him she's going to let him go on a fully body adventure of her! She then places him on her leg and lies back to relax while he's on his wild adventure. However, Katelyn notices he falls a few times so she decides to help him up and along her. Her legs are just so silky it's hard to hold on to anything!

She slowly brings him up the length of her legs and stops him right below her thong. Billy then gets a warm invitation from Katelyn to climb on up and enjoy himself on the soft fabric of her thong! Shortly after she notices him checking out her hand and begins helping him explore the rest of her.

His next stop is Katelyn's massive breasts. She teases Billy with them by squeezing them together and invites him to crawl in between them. Billy walks over top her breasts and up her neck and Katelyn picks him up for some more adventuring of her body!

Next up to explore is her eye! She teases Billy some more and tells him he's the great explorer who's been sent on an epic quest around her eye lash! Katelyn then almost loses billy in her eyelashes, almost blinking him in! Luckily, he made it safe out of her eye but then got stuck to her mouth!

Katelyn then talks to Billy as he lies on her enormous lips. She licks him, teases him, and tells him she has a question. Katelyn asks him how he liked walking along her sensuous body. Must have been a fantastic voyage! She then asks if he can touch her in her "special" area again. She could really use some relief and his touch is exactly what she's after!

She begins touching herself in front of him and tells him she wants to feel him in her panties and perhaps even deep inside of her - so it's free roam for him!

While lying down, Katelyn touches herself very passionately and begins moaning. She tells Billy how she can feel him wiggling and squirming right on top of her swollen clit. She wants more of him. She wants to feel him inside of her.

She wants to get closer to him some how. She's soaked! After rubbing herself some more she flips herself over on top her hands and knees - on top of him! She begins riding him up and down telling him how good he feels and pushes him deeper inside her. It's so wet.

She then slowly begins to fuck him. She's so wet she can feel the juices moving around as he squirms inside her. She rubs herself harder and harder, moans louder and louder. She fingers herself, and licks her fingers clean of cum.

She tells him how much closer she's getting and moans louder yet. She fucks shrunken Billy even harder! She grabs her boobs firmly! She sits up on her knees and rides him while rubbing herself. Many struggles later, wets her fingers some more before rubbing herself faster and harder and demands Billy to come with her.

Katelyn tells Billy it's coming and a huge lake of white cum comes rushing after him inside her! Katelyn and Billy then explode into pure bliss in huge orgasm together - one of the most intense she's ever had!

Katelyn then digs him out with her sexy fingers and finds him - he survived! Soaked, on her finger, they both then lie down. She places him in her big belly button so they could take a rest before any more experiments.

Scene lasts until end of movie.

This package includes:

1 Hour 16 Minutes and 57 Seconds Movie
9 Minutes and 2 Seconds Behind the Scenes and Bloopers
5 Minutes and 35 Seconds Extra Footage

Total of 1 Hour 31 Minutes and 34 Seconds

This was a completely scripted custom project. Click here to look at the script


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Producer: Katelyn Brooks
76:57 minutes
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