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A Lesson Learned

Katelyn catches her step brother shrunken and in her pantie drawer and gets pissed! They both know it's forbidden to play with mom's work supplies. When Katelyn was caught playing with moms shrinking device it was one of the most terrifying experiences of her life. Mom got pissed and slammed her fist down on the table in front of Katelyn- almost crushing her. So, since Katelyn's step brother thinks it's all just fun and games Katelyn gets some revenge and shows him how terrifying the size difference is in the reality of it all.

Katelyn first calls him a pervert for snooping around in her pantie drawer... out of all places! She guesses he's too small to go open and read her secret journal so that must have been the next best thing. Sure, they're only step sister and brother but jeez - they're still related by blood!!

Talking of blood... Katelyn then shows her step brother that he's so tiny she could crush him like she would a bug around the house. She raises and lowers her foot high above him to instill some terror into his little heart all while also bullying him and showing her mean bratty side.

Next, Katelyn decides to embarrass him by forcing his deepest fantasy into reality. Now that he's shrunken and in her control she picks him up off the floor, brings him over to the bed, and reveals she caught him sniffing her dirty panties in the laundry room before but didn't say anything about it.

Katelyn then turns around and gently places him on the bed as she lowers himself above him. She tells him it's time they have a sister to brother talk. She gently explains at his age he should have a girlfriend to explore his sexuality with so it's time he gets this sister thing out of his system so he can move on. Katelyn then begins to strip down into her lingerie while admitting it wont be the first boys virginity she has taken. After Katelyn's clothes are off she moves onto the bed and tells her brother to look up and tell her what he sees. Katelyn's massive pussy fills his vision completely and her essence is overwhelming

Katelyn then tells him it's time. She lowers him to her crotch and begins to masturbate with him trapped between her fingers and pantie covered pussy. Then she wants to feel him struggling against her nipple so she moves him into her bra while continuing to please herself. Feeling her tiny shrunken brother struggle against her nipple turns her on so much that she nearly cums! She tells him how close she is and how she's happy he joined in (she can feel his little humps!). She wants them both to come together into a state of ecstasy and bliss so she drops him in her panties and finishes herself off, demanding him to come with her. They both cum into a blissful state of ecstasy.... and then...

OH shit! Mom's home! Katelyn begins panicking and tells him to stay in her panties for now to hide (mom would never look there!) and she'll try to sneak him back to his normal size if mom leaves again for anything or they'll have to wait until she's asleep. Lets just hope their mom doesn't wake up and catch them or else they both might learn a lesson they'll never forget!!

Bloopers included!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
20:53 minutes
1280x720 WMV
panty drawer, shrunken man, soles, masturbation, insertion, sister, bare feet, foot pov, red panties, bedroom, shrunken brother, jeans, sweater, panty pov, Katelyn Brooks

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