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Billy's Private Adventure

Scene includes inside pussy cam shots (first ever!) and music

Katelyn and her shrunken experiment Billy arrive to her bedroom. Billy's in for a nice reward for his previous participation in her shrinking experiments. So, Katelyn wants to give him a little taste of what his rewards will be like if he continues to act so bravely together with her.

She lies down and tells him she's going to let him go on a fully body adventure of her! She then places him on her leg and lies back to relax while he's on his wild adventure. However, Katelyn notices he falls a few times so she decides to help him up and along her. Her legs are just so silky it's hard to hold on to anything!

She slowly brings him up the length of her legs and stops him right below her thong. Billy then gets a warm invitation from Katelyn to climb on up and enjoy himself on the soft fabric of her thong! Shortly after she notices him checking out her hand and begins helping him explore the rest of her.

His next stop is Katelyn's massive breasts. She teases Billy with them by squeezing them together and invites him to crawl in between them. Billy walks over top her breasts and up her neck and Katelyn picks him up for some more adventuring of her body!

Next up to explore is her eye! She teases Billy some more and tells him he's the great explorer who's been sent on an epic quest around her eye lash! Katelyn then almost loses billy in her eyelashes, almost blinking him in! Luckily, he made it safe out of her eye but then got stuck to her mouth!

Katelyn then talks to Billy as he lies on her enormous lips. She licks him, teases him, and tells him she has a question. Katelyn asks him how he liked walking along her sensuous body. Must have been a fantastic voyage! She then asks if he can touch her in her "special" area again. She could really use some relief and his touch is exactly what she's after!

She begins touching herself in front of him and tells him she wants to feel him in her panties and perhaps even deep inside of her - so it's free roam for him!

While lying down, Katelyn touches herself very passionately and begins moaning. She tells Billy how she can feel him wiggling and squirming right ontop of her swollen clit. She wants more of him. She wants to feel him inside of her.

She wants to get closer to him some how. She's soaked! After rubbing herself some more she flips herself over on top her hands and knees - on top of him! She begins riding him up and down telling him how good he feels and pushes him deeper inside her. It's so wet.

She then slowly begins to fuck him. She's so wet she can feel the juices moving around as he squirms inside her. She rubs herself harder and harder, moans louder and louder. She fingers herself, and licks her fingers clean of cum.

She tells him how much closer she's getting and moans louder yet. She fucks shrunken Billy even harder! She grabs her boobs firmly! She sits up on her knees and rides him while rubbing herself. Many struggles later, wets her fingers some more before rubbing herself faster and harder and demands Billy to come with her.

Katelyn tells Billy it's coming and a huge lake of white cum comes rushing after him inside her! Katelyn and Billy then explode into pure bliss in huge orgasm together - one of the most intense she's ever had!

Katelyn then digs him out with her sexy fingers and finds him - he survived! Soaked, on her finger, they both then lie down. She places him in her big belly button so they could take a rest before any more experiments.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
21:35 minutes
1280x720 WMV
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